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4 Touching Ways M’sians & Companies Like Wall’s Are Spreading Joy Among Frontliners & The Poor During MCO



Source: Wall's Malaysia & Atawa

This MCO may seem like a luxury for some of us, especially those who’re allowed to work from home or skip uni lectures and the dreadful 8am classes. Unfortunately, not everyone is as lucky. And by this, we’re referring to our very own front-liners as well as the less fortunate, most of whom are left jobless because of the MCO.

Thankfully, however, there are still those with a heart of gold who’re making an effort to help these groups of people during this trying time. Here are just a couple of heartwarming examples to hopefully inspire you to do more as well:


1. A group of Malaysians distributed food to over 100 Bangladeshi workers

X Heartwarming Ways M'sians Have Been Looking Out For Frontliners & The Less Fortunate During This MCO - WORLD OF BUZZ

Being an immigrant in a foreign country is already difficult enough as it is, but when you’re asked to take no-pay leave because of the MCO and remain jobless for over a month, life can feel almost suffocating.

Thankfully, according to this tweet by Atawa, her father from Ampang together with his friends decided to lend the Bangladeshi workers a hand.

The workers were already living 10 to a flat so the group of Ampang men decided to help by purchasing canned food, flour, rice, oil and other essentials for over 100 of them so that the Bangladeshi men would be able to feed themselves during this trying time.

The tweet posted on 1 April 2020 has since garnered over 16.9k retweets and 26.2k likes.


2. A Malaysian Ustaz gave a family living on the streets a home

X Heartwarming Ways M'sians Have Been Looking Out For Frontliners, The Sick & The Poor During The MCO - WORLD OF BUZZ 6

A local family whose story recently went viral managed to catch the attention of Ustaz Ebit Lew. The poverty-stricken family–made up of a husband, his pregnant wife, and young daughter–had been living on the streets for a few days now, and according to Ustaz Ebit’s Facebook post, when he heard of this news, he immediately went out searching for them.

While on the way to locate the family, the Ustaz was stopped at a police roadblock and when asked where he was headed to, the Ustaz explained his situation and the policemen offered to help!

X Heartwarming Ways M'sians Have Been Looking Out For Frontliners, The Sick & The Poor During The MCO - WORLD OF BUZZ 7

X Heartwarming Ways M'sians Have Been Looking Out For Frontliners, The Sick & The Poor During The MCO - WORLD OF BUZZ 8

Long story short, the Ustaz and the PDRM team were able to locate the family and after an entire day of searching for a place, Ustaz Ebit finally found a house for the family complete with one bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, and living room. The rental of the house costs RM500 which the Ustaz states he will pay for, for as long as he is able to. What a generous man!

He even donated a mattress, some toys and other essentials to the family.


3. Every day Malaysians are ordering ice-cream via GrabFood FOR the riders to spread some happiness


For illustration purposes only

Just like Dalgona Coffee, this seems to be becoming a trend among Malaysians, and it’s a pretty good one!

Every day Malaysians who’ve been stuck at home have come up with a brilliant way to thank our delivery guys, a.k.a Abang Hero, without having to even leave their homes! Many have been ordering Wall’s ice-cream via GrabFood and instead of getting it delivered to their homes, these Malaysians surprised their riders by asking them to keep it instead! You guys truly are the epitome of #kitajagakita!

Just look at some of these screenshots we found!


Evidently, it really doesn’t take much for us to pass on the happiness and show a little gratitude to our front-liners. A small act of kindness–whether in the form of donations or a small tub of ice cream–is all it takes to put a smile on someone’s face. If everyone does their part in spreading joy and happiness during this time, we’ll be able to get through it together in no time. Ice cream is a great way to put a smile on people’s faces and bring them closer together after all (despite the social distancing)!


4. To spread some happiness of their own, Wall’s also went around distributing face masks & ice creams to the front-liners and less fortunate

After the act of Malaysians gifting their Grab riders with Wall’s ice cream went viral, Wall’s decided to play their part too. So in order to continue spreading this #KitaJagaKita energy, Wall’s Malaysia took the initiative to partner with DBKL and an NGO Charity Organisation to give out essential face masks as well as ice creams to our front-liners and underprivileged community, because everyone deserves happiness.

ice cream ice cream


ice cream


How heartwarming are these photos? 

Evidently, it really doesn’t take much to show our front-liners and the less fortunate a bit of love and happiness. A small gesture can go a long way!

That’s why, together with Wall’s, we also want to appreciate all Malaysians who’ve been doing their part in showing our heroes a bit of love. Whether you’ve shared your groceries with someone, thanked a police officer for their hard work, bought a tub of ice-cream for your Grab rider, or even just abided by the MCO by staying home, y’all are the real MVP’s!

And if you’d like to do your part and show your Abang Hero GrabFood rider some love today, make sure you download the Grab app for Apple or Android, or find out more about the types of Wall’s ice creams you can order here!

Source: Atawa
Source: Ebit Lew
Source: Ebit Lew
Source: Ebit Lew
Source: Adobotech

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