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49yo Man Cured of Wuhan Virus Had To Drink 25 Litres of Water A DAY To Relieve Virus Symptoms



49yo Man Drank Over 25 Litres of Water DAILY For 6 Days Before Being Cured of Wuhan Virus - WORLD OF BUZZ
Source: Pear Video & No Camels

For many of us who have been keeping track of the news on the Wuhan coronavirus, one of the most critical aspects of the entire crisis now is finding either a cure or a possible vaccine that would stop the virus from spreading or worse still, claiming more lives.

While both of those things are currently being developed at a very rapid pace between researchers across the globe, cases of people recovering from the Wuhan coronavirus have also been reported, despite the rising death toll!

49yo Man Drank Over 25 Litres of Water Daily For SIX DAYS Before Being Cured of Wuhan Virus - WORLD OF BUZZ

Source: Pear Video

One such incredible feat was reported by China Press, where a 49-year-old patient who had been diagnosed with the Wuhan coronavirus, managed to be cured completely of the debilitating condition!

Source: Pear Video

The patient in question, only known as Chen, is involved in poultry trading and was traveling in Wuhan during October 2019. However, he only started developing symptoms of the Wuhan coronavirus on 2nd January 2020, when he had already returned to his native province of Jiangxi.

Coughing intensely before coming down with an intense fever, he was warded immediately.

Source: Pear Video

Upon medical inspection, it was found that Mr Chen had developed severe infections in his chest and suffered from tightness in his chest, as well as other symptoms that correlate with the Wuhan coronavirus. Subsequent inspections confirmed this, and he was put in quarantine on 21st January 2020.

Suffering from unbearable fevers for six days and six nights, Mr Chen said that he had to drink upwards of 25 litres of water every day  to relieve the symptoms of a dry throat caused by the virus!

Source: Pear Video

But miraculously on 26th January 2020, doctors who checked on Mr Chen’s condition found that he no longer tested positive for the Wuhan coronavirus, and was safe to be discharged! Thanking the medical officials who had taken such good care of him, he cheered happily:

“I’m cured! I’m cured!” as he left the hospital, completely healthy!

Before he left, he even gifted bouquets to the medical staff who had taken care of him throughout his quarantine period, in a show of thanks. While it was not have been the water that cured his illness, drinking that much just to stop the thirst symptoms from the Wuhan virus shows how severe the virus can affect your body!

While we are overjoyed to see that it is possible to be completely cured of the Wuhan virus, the danger of contracting it still looms as more and more cases are being reported across the globe. For those of you reading, please do make sure to take care of your health and wear a mask at all times when in public spaces! 


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