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5 Baju Melayu Designs Sure To Grab Attention At Any Hari Raya Open House



Source: Remaja & UA Butik

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The baju melayu is iconic. As the national uniform, it’s often seen at ceremonial or religious events and worn with pride for tradition and culture. As such, there are many variations on baju melayu as designers have tried to put their own spin on a very traditional design, some to great effect – but others have become trending topics or the subjects of memes to keep us going in good humour throughout Ramadan.

As such, we’ve decided to poke through the archives to bring you the 5 baju melayu designs that will definitely make you stand out from the crowd at any open house this Hari Raya!

  1. Baju Melayu Tutup Perut

This year’s most discussed baju melayu, the ‘tutup perut’ was met by laughter from netizens, who deemed it just right for covering your tummy. This baju melayu features a very loose cut, so you can definitely indulge a little when the food is served! While there’s no info available on who exactly designed these, we’re willing to be bet someone’s up to try walking around in them.


2. Baju Melayu Abang Sado

Source: Remaja

Perhaps the most memed baju melayu of them all, the ‘abang sado’ variant of baju melayu by Farbel Exclusive gets rid of those pesky sleeves that can never fully contain the massive muscles within in order for you to show off the definition of your hard-won gym results. Given that the material used appears to silk, you can bet any other muscular definition will shine. Almost literally.


3. Baju Melayu for Breastfeeding Fathers

Source: Mau Kerja

The Qurta Saputra collection by actor Erry Putra features some interestingly textured silk baju melayu designs, but otherwise seems fairly unremarkable – until you realise that the tunic lapel isn’t just for show and actually opens up! Now, given that this is a baju melayu and not a jacket, the lapel actually opens up to nothing. There is literally no practical use for it, but who knows? Malaysians are pretty creative and if you’re sporting one of these, be sure to drop by in the comments and let us know your experience wearing it!


4. Baju Melayu K-Pop

Fancy a little streetwear flair in your Raya look? Maybe this K-Pop-inspired outfit is just what you were looking for. While at a distance you could mistake these outfits for regular baju melayu, when up close you’ll notice the detailing that takes inspiration from iconic K-Pop looks. From the slogan-infested strap running down the sides of the pink variant to the hoodie-and-sweatpants inspired grey variant, we can say the designer was pretty spot on with his vision.


5. Baju Melayu Superman/Thor

Source: UA Butik

Erry Putra returns to the list with yet another impractical design, but this time, we love it. This superhero-inspired baju melayu features the most iconic superhero accessory of them all – a cape. The outfit appears to be a fairly traditional baju melayu at first glance, but comes with a button-on cape! Retailing at RM149 to RM169, this proved to be a hit for Erry, and sales were even more brisk when he revealed via Instagram that the cape was also a detachable prayer mat. Pretty cool!

Would you wear one of these designs? What YOU wearing this Raya? Drop a selfie in the comments and show us!


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