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5 Things Malaysian Siblings Can Relate To And Have Taken For Granted



5 Things Malaysian Siblings Took For Granted - World Of Buzz

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There’s no denying that siblings usually form a love-hate relationship; you go from best buds to not being able to be in the same room without cooking up a storm, especially when you were younger. Siblings share a lifelong bond, and there’s multiple things we took for granted when we have that special connection with them. And here are some of it!


1. Asking our siblings to tapau food for us

It’s clear that most of us are guilty of this! We call up our siblings who are already out and hope they’ll buy food home for us so we don’t have to lug our lazy ass out from the house. We sometimes even do it hoping they’ll swing by the mamak to tapau us some food to satisfy our late night cravings.


2. Older siblings taking the fall for everything

Older siblings would always be the one to be blamed for everything, and I mean everything! Be it your younger sibling’s house chores, mistakes your siblings made which has nothing to do with you, to being blamed for absolutely everything. The older siblings sure have it tough growing up.



3. Having all the strict rules enforced on the older siblings

The eldest siblings is technically a trial run for the parents. From strict curfews to unreasonable rules to even being grounded the first time you had a clubbing night out. The eldest siblings had it the worst. However when it comes to the younger sibling’s turn, all the rules just seems to magically disappear. They could also seem to get away with anything! apa lah… 

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4. Being constantly ordered around by older siblings

Let’s face it, older siblings at some point in time would utilise their siblings like there’s no tomorrow. From doing chores that you’re too lazy to do, to washing and folding overdue laundry, your younger siblings constantly forced to do errands for you. It just feels nice to have authority over the younger one!


5. Lastly, being the absolutely best sibling anyone could ask for

At the end of the day siblings shaped each other into who they are. They are the ones who you will spend the most of your childhood with. They are the one who’ll be there for you, anytime, anywhere. They are also the ones who drive you home when you’re passed out at the club at 4 am and keeping it secret from your parents. And after all that rivalry they are also the ones who would be the proudest to see you achieve great things in life.



So siblings, take a moment and appreciate each other and be thankful that you share such a special bond!

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