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5 Things To Do While We #StayAtHome & It’s Malaysian-Approved!



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This article is contributed by Shafiqah Alliah

Staying at home due to a global pandemic is not something out of thriller or science-fiction movies anymore. It is real and very much happening. Thus, what can you do to keep busy during this trying time? Fret not, Malaysians have come up with outpouring creative ideas to keep yourself sane and occupied.

Malaysians sure know how to amuse themselves and here are some of their ‘101 guidelines to quarantine life’ if you are in the same boat:

 1. Be The Star of The Internet

To cure their boredom, Malaysians have turned to the Net and claimed their spots as The Internet Star by shooting various funny videos which have drawn so much laughter (We even made a rap out of our Prime Minister’s speech! Yes, it’s wild!).

Malaysians have proved that you can be an entertainer without even being in the industry. You could show off your creative side by shooting interesting or funny videos and share them on the social media! It will not only loosen you up but also might make someone’s day! As Marilyn Monroe once said, “The sky is not the limit. Your mind is”’. Grab this opportunity to be fun and expand your imagination.

Here is the rap video (in case you need a dose of laughter):


2. Be A Barista for A Day

The usual ‘kopi tarik’ is yesterday’s news. Malaysian coffee snobs are now huge fans of *Dalgona Coffee, a frothy whipped coffee inspired by South Korean Dalgona candy, and busy making them!

“Dalgona Coffee” has been trending incessantly on Twitter, thanks to the numerous images and videos of the coffee-making shared on Twitter feeds.

Challenge yourself to this coffee-making process and see if you can whip the coffee to the perfect consistency! Take a picture and join Malaysians in the challenge!


3. Stay Fit

Yes, you could still workout at home. Malaysians have made do with what they have at home in order to not fall behind their fitness goals.

Former Malaysian Minister of Youth and Sports, Syed Saddiq, sparked people’s interest to join him in a workout challenge after posting a ‘20 Clap Pushups in 17 seconds’ video on his Twitter. Netizens have come out with some spiced-up versions which will surely tickle you.

Check out the thread of the challenge here.

Thus, you could join the club by having your own exercise routine at home such as stretching, doing yoga or even simple strength training involving items which are at your disposal.


4. Keep Calm and Watch Netflix

Netflix is the new best pal in town! It is time to unwind and catch up on shows. More time at home means more time to binge watch all the missed-out series and latest releases. So, go ahead and finish that fav series!

Here is a lineup of shows Malaysians are recommending to you. Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Gham is a real classic to us!

However, don’t limit yourself. You don’t have to be a loner. You can attend ‘Netflix Party’ and have long distance movie nights with your friends!


5. Finish The Household Chores

Since you are at home 24/7, there is no excuse to put off the household chores. Be productive and finish all the chores which you need to – cleaning, cooking, doing the laundry – the lot. It is crucial to keep your environment clean, healthy and safe to ward off the pandemic!

Malaysian husbands are also seen donning the ‘baju kelawar’ and assuming their domestic responsibilities.

Now that you have gotten the tips from us, you could occupy yourself in your own unique ways while complying with the MCO. Stay safe and stay sane!


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