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5-Year-Old Boy With RM13 Drove Mum’s Car Out Because He Wanted To Buy Lamborghini



Source: Twitter & Lamborghini

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We have all thrown tantrums before, probably over the dumbest things. However, we think that this child probably threw the biggest tantrum that we have ever seen before.

A 5-year-old boy in Utah was stopped by the traffic police on a highway, reported the New York Times. At first, the officer saw a car going at 50kmh and he couldn’t see the driver’s head from the back so he thought that the car was driven by an impaired driver. After he stopped the car, he took a closer look and saw that the driver was actually a child.

So he proceeded to interrogate him a little. It turns out that the child was only 5 years old and on the verge of tears. The officer revealed that the child was struggling to actually drive the car.

“He was sitting on the front edge of the seat so that he could reach the brake pedal to keep the car stopped while I was standing there. I had to help him park the car.”

When asked of his intention behind driving the car, the child said he wanted to go to California so that he can buy a Lamborghini. He added that he asked his mother for one but she said no, so he left in her car to California which is 1118km away! The starting price for the cheapest Lamborghini is USD200,000 (RM862,200) while he had only USD3 (RM12.93) in his pockets.

The boy had only covered about 5km of the journey, thankfully, no one was hurt through the whole ordeal. The Utah police have said that it will be up to the local prosecutor to decide whether charges will be filed against the parents as they had left the boy under the care of a sibling when they were at work.

Well, that is certainly a roller coaster from beginning till the end! What was the biggest tantrum you threw? Tell us in the comments!


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Source: Twitter

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