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52yo Man Rapes 23yo Daughter Twice & Forces Her to Give Him Oral Sex at Knife Point



52yo Man Rapes Daughter Twice & Forced Her to Give Him Oral Sex at Knife Point - WORLD OF BUZZ
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A 52-year-old man from Singapore raped his own daughter twice and forced her to give him oral sex at knife point on 27 March 2016. He stood trial in High Court on 17 September 2019 on nine charges of raping, molesting, criminally intimidating and causing harm to his daughter, who is now 27 years old.

According to Today Online, the man was alone with his then 23-year-old daughter at his ex-wife’s flat five days before the incident. This was after his ex-wife left the flat to stay with her son at his home for unknown reasons.

On the day of the incident, the man was drinking alcohol with his daughter and talking to her when she fell asleep. At this point, the man stripped naked and proceeded to touch his daughter on her private parts over her shorts.

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The woman woke up as he was doing this, but before she could do anything, the man took out a penknife and held it at her neck saying “Don’t shout, I’ll slash you”.

Forced into subordination out of the fear of death, the woman had no choice but to give in to the man’s wants. He then allegedly raped her twice and forced her to give him oral sex after punching and strangling her when she tried to wrestle the penknife away from him.

“Blow me, do it now or I will cut your throat,” he said while holding the penknife to her neck, according to court documents.

“Take out your clothing, otherwise I will use the knife to cut you till you die.”

Source: CNA

Later in the morning, the woman managed to get her phone back from the man and left the flat saying she was going to buy a drink. But she then called someone (the identity wasn’t revealed in court documents) and asked him to pick her up.

They then made a police report at Jurong Police Division headquarters after meeting her brother. Police arrested the accused at about 8pm later that night.

Investigations showed that the man’s DNA profile matched the semen found on the woman’s shorts. Evidence also showed that the man called her 36 times on her phone after she left the flat.

“The accused sent her eight SMS messages and one WhatsApp message during that time. And in one SMS message, the accused told the victim that he was sorry,” Deputy Public Prosecutor (DPP) Ng Yiwen told the court.

Meanwhile, the horrifying incident had caused the victim to be diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder and exhibit depressive symptoms.

“The victim was made to suffer indignities, humiliation and pain at the hands of the man that she loved and called ‘appa’, as the accused committed the acts in the charges, callously ignoring her pleas to let her go,” DPP Ng said.

If convicted, the man faces up to 20 years in jail. However, although the offence requires the accused to be punished with 12 strokes of cane, he cannot be caned by law as he is more than 50 years old.


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