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6 Most “Kecoh” Things We Do When Collecting CNY Angpao That Every M’sian Can Relate To



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The Chinese New Year festivities are well underway and it’s always such an exciting time! Baking CNY cookies with your family and decorating the house to bring good luck & good fortune with you into the new year are just a few of the things we usually do during CNY.

And we all know what the best part of CNY is… receiving angpao lah, what else! While this year may be different for many of us, let’s take a walk down memory lane and remember all the kecoh things we did whenever we collected our angpaos each year:


1. Rushing to the toilet after collecting an angpao to see how much you received

Are you even Malaysian if you’ve never done this before?! Even though your parents told you to wait until you reach home for you to check the contents of the angpao, we can never resist a peek! Especially if it feels heavy or if it was given to you by a relative who’s known for giving big amounts of money 🙊

Just make sure you never open your angpao in front of the person who gave it to you because that’s just plain rude!


2. Being busybody & asking your siblings how much they got 

For some reason, every CNY feels like a competition with your siblings or cousins to see who managed to collect the most angpaos. It’s part of the fun traditions, right?

Then comes the part where you try to figure out why they received more than you did! Is it because they’re cuter than you? Or that aunty likes them better? Hmm, better luck next year lah.


3. Giving your siblings the look when the angpao you just received feels thick and heavy

Only your siblings will understand what the look means and the best part is when their angpao feels the same too! Nothing beats the feeling of receiving a thick, red angpao packet, right?

But make sure not to make your reaction too obvious because it can be pretty embarrassing if someone catches you beaming with joy after receiving your angpao! 😂


3A. Betting with your siblings to see how much a certain aunty or uncle is going to give you 

One of the best activities to do to pass time during CNY is to make bets with your siblings to see how much each of you are gonna receive from a certain relative. The bets are also usually made quite rationally, keeping in mind each relative’s financial standing. Have to be fair, right?

Oh, we should also note that these bets are made just for fun and no one gets anything if they win or lose the bets!


5. Negotiating with your parents to see how much they’ll let you spend

One of the saddest moments each year is when your parents announce that they’re going to keep a portion of your angpao money in a secure place that you can’t access. There go all our plans…

The challenging part is negotiating how much they’ll allow you to spend and how much they want to keep! Most times it’s a losing battle but we’ll take what we can get. 😀


6. Planning what you’re gonna do with all the angpao money you’re allowed to keep 

Now comes the fun part! After all the hard work of collecting angpaos at every open house you go to, it’s time to plan out all the things you’re gonna spend that money on.

You’re going to want to spend that hard-earned money wisely so planning is a definite MUST! Otherwise, you’ll have to wait a whole year to get all that angpao money again.

So where and how are you going to spend that money wisely? Well, we can help you with that!

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Source: Razer Pay

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