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6 Surprising Benefits Of Purchasing A Used Car That Can Change Malaysians’ Perspectives



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Buying a used car is not the most popular choice among Malaysians due to the fact that they are mistakenly perceived as high-maintenance or costly. But in this day and age, buying a used car actually has a lot of benefits and would make much more financial sense for us. Don’t believe it? We’re about to change your whole perspective with the following reasons!


1. The price is way cheaper and you’ll enjoy quicker payoffs for your loan

The main perk of getting a used car is that you can get it for a lot cheaper than the cost of a new car. We all know that cars will depreciate in value over time. So by purchasing a used car, most of the depreciation has already occurred. With the cheaper price tag, this also means that you won’t have to apply for such a big loan and can enjoy a quicker payoff term!


2. The cost of insurance is lower

Another great thing about getting a used car is that the cost of insurance is lowered too. This is thanks to the fact that used cars are deemed as “less valuable” even if they’re in perfect condition. For example, a brand new Perodua Myvi could cost you upwards of RM1,000 but the same model that is used would cost around RM800. And since you need to renew your insurance regularly, this will definitely save you more in the long run.

And don’t worry, you can also still get a warranty for used cars. But this will depend on the dealership you’re at which is why it’s crucial to pick the best dealership out there! In fact, some dealerships even offer a complete money-back guarantee! (More on this later 👀)


3. Lower cost & lesser time for maintenance 

The general consensus is that old cars mean more problems, but this is not always true! It depends on the car’s brand and model. New cars may have flashier technology but that also means high-in-demand parts which are pricier. Therefore, buying an older car model could actually save you more as the price of maintenance is lower.

Pro tip: Some brands that have been acknowledged as dependable include Perodua, Proton, Honda, Toyota and Isuzu.


4. There are tons of options you can choose from

The thing about buying a used car is that you have limitless options for cars, even the ones that are not being produced anymore! Want to try different cars from different brands and not have to drive to multiple showrooms? This is the place to be!

Another pro tip: Pick a commonly produced car that is no more than five years old so that the parts are easier (and cheaper!) to find.


5. The cars are thoroughly inspected so you’ll know its entire history

This will depend heavily on which dealership you go to. A good dealership will assess and inspect the cars they sell thoroughly. Some of it may include road tests, interior and exterior inspection and also making sure the cars have not been through any major accidents or floods. Finding this out is important so you can plan ahead and be fully prepared if any problems should arise in the future! *touch wood*


6. You can sell the car (again) without losing much

As we mentioned earlier, cars usually depreciate over time but even more so during the early years. However, once it is already considered ‘used’, a few years of age won’t make much of a difference. In fact, if you know how to maintain your car properly, you might even get to sell it at almost the same price you bought it for!


Whether you’re going for a new or used car, buying one is a huge investment for all of us. That is why, if you’re looking to buy a used car, finding the right dealership is a crucial first step that can really make or break your experience. And if you don’t know any, we’d recommend checking out Carsome!

Carsome is Southeast Asia’s largest integrated car e-commerce platform where you can buy and sell used cars!

Carsome is truly a trusted platform because they actually acknowledge all of the buyer’s common concerns when dealing with used cars by giving them their ‘Carsome Promise‘.

The Carsome Promise basically ensures that all of their cars are Carsome Certified by ensuring they go through and pass the 175-point inspection, which comprises of:

  • A road test inspection – to check the steering operations that is crucial in times of emergency.
  • An undercarriage inspection – to check the engine mount that can control the smoothness of driving.
  • An exterior inspection – to check the cut and joint exteriors, chassis or engine number to see if it had major repairs done and whether they were approved by JPJ (Road and Transport Department of Malaysia).
  • An interior inspection – to check window functions which is a common problem among aged cars to ensure it won’t burden the new owner.

On top of that, they’d also make sure the cars haven’t gone through any major accident, flood or frame damages. They also offer a 1-year extended warranty and 5-day money-back guarantee which shows how confident they are in their cars! If you’re interested to check them out, there’s no better time than now because…

Carsome is having special offers to usher in this ox-picious Chinese New Year with their Triple Happiness campaign!

Just like the name, this campaign will offer three different promos for you to enjoy which are:

  1. Huge discounts on cars ranging from RM588 to RM3,888.
  2. Cashback via TnG e-wallet credits worth RM188 up to RM588.
  3. FREE warranty upgrade when you purchase a car which is worth between RM599 to RM1,499.

What better way to dazzle your aunties and uncles this CNY than by flaunting your new (used) car, right? 😛

Can’t go out to view cars due to the MCO? Don’t worry! Carsome actually offers online booking service so you can make sure that car you’re eyeing isn’t sold. Moreover, you can also get the car sent to your home for a test-drive session! Walao, where else can you get this kind of service?!

On top of these promos, you can also check out Carsome’s official stores on Shopee and Lazada where you can snatch exclusive vouchers for their cars. These vouchers offer discounts that are worth more than what you’re paying for! For example, you can get a RM388 voucher for only RM8! What a steal! 😱

The discounts will be up on Shopee and Lazada according to this schedule:

  • Shopee: From 2-9 February, then every Saturday after 9 February
  • Lazada: Every Wednesday in the month of February

However, do take note that all of these promos will only be valid during the campaign period which is from now until 24 February 2021 so if we were you, we’d hurry! To find out more about these promos and Carsome, head on to their website here.


Do you have any other benefits of owning a used car? Share with us below! 

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Source: Freepik
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Source: Carsome

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