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69yo Covid-19 Patient Dies Shortly After Experiencing Rare 3-Hour Erection Side-Effect



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The patient suffered a strange Covid-19 symptom called priapism or an unintended and painful hours-long erection.

In one of the most shocking cases related to Covid-19, one male patient has reportedly died from complications caused by the virus, including a rare side-effect in which he had to endure a painful 3 hour long erection. As reported by Insider, the case was published in The American Journal of Emergency Medicine.. The man’s nationality was not disclosed the report referenced Covid-19 data for the United States.

On 1 January 2021, the 69-year-old man with obesity had to be admitted to the emergency room after experiencing shortness of breath.

The man took medicine his doctor prescribed to him for shortness of breath but it still didn’t help with his condition. Of course, shortness of breath is one of the symptoms of Covid-19 but the patient never tested for Covid-19 prior to the emergency.

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Furthermore, the case report also asserted that the man had also been coughing for a week and developed a fever. The doctors tested him for Covid-19 inside the emergency room and found that he was in fact positive for carrying the virus.

The patient was then admitted into the hospital where his health deteriorated over the ensuing 10 days. His condition worsened to the point that he needed steroids and a ventilator to assist in breathing. Furthermore, the patient was also turned facedown to stimulate air flow through his body.

The man then suffered a rare condition called priapism, a condition whereby a patient experiencing unintended, painful hours-long erection. This complication happens when blood is unable to leave the penis or flows improperly into the male private parts.

The condition is more common in people with blood disorders like anemia and leukemia. However, priapism has been reported to be a side-effect of Covid-19 and there was a report of only one other Covid-19 patient suffering the same condition.

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When the hospital staff noticed that the man was in pain due to priapism, they flipped the man on his back and tried to use a pack of ice to bring his erection down. However, that manoeuvre wasn’t successful.

Doctors then conducted an ultrasound on the penis and found that his blood vessels were clear and working properly. They then diagnosed him with ischemic priapism, or priapism related to blood-drainage issues.

The doctors then inserted two needles into the penile shaft to drain excess blood and gave the patient a decongestant. After half an hour, the erection was gone.

By that time however, the man’s lungs has continued to worsen and he sadly died from Covid-19 complications soon after.

Commenting on the case report, experts say that a person with Covid-19 may experience a symptom called cytokine storm, whereby one’s immune system goes haywire and creates blood clots that could affect any part of the bodies. In an article by the Daily Mail, Dr Richard Viney, a urological surgeon at Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Birmingham, England deduced that this may explain priapism being one of the side-effects of Covid-19.


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Source: Lakeconews
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