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7 Common Malaysian Outfit Trends We See Everyday That We Can All Definitely Relate To



Source: dreamz7seven & Lookbook

It’s undeniable that fashion trends are something that is always coming and going all the time. And we have certainly seen a lot of those happening among Malaysians over the recent years. Though we might not have seasonal changes and our weather is pretty much hot and humid all year long, that does not stop our stylish Malaysians from rocking their desired fashion trends.

Read on to see some of the typical outfit trends that we see everyday and can definitely relate to!


1. The Hipsters

Definition: One of the most overused adjectives in a Malaysian’s vocabulary; the correct usage is used to define trendy and urban people who usually reject mainstream trends and are quite unconventional. 

Though the style originated from Tumblr trends circa 2012, the ‘hipster’-style outfits can be defined by their undying love for beanies (admit it, we all thought it was a good look at one point) and layering on those jackets. This is probably the reason why we can see so many trendy boys and girls rocking these items despite definitely not needing any of them in this humid Malaysian weather.


2. Budak Subang Jaya

Definition: A popularised term by rapper Joe Flizzow from his song Havoc; indicating that people from Subang Jaya are very stylish.

You know what they say, “budak Subang Jaya memang ada gaya!” Their style is influenced by hip-hop so you can easily spot them just by looking at the compulsory snapbacks down to the fancy kicks. But compared to their counterpart ‘the Hypebeasts’ (more on that later), these folks are a bit more understated but still look oh so fresh so clean. 😛


3. The Hypebeast


Definition: A popular street wear trend used for people who are known to be very updated with the latest ‘hype’ trends. 

Hypebeasts are also influenced by hip-hop and street wear, however, they’re a lot keener to keep up with current trends and to own the latest pair of sneakers that just dropped last week. But one thing’s for sure, we definitely applaud them for their commitment to wearing all those daring outfits despite our challenging weather.


4. The ‘Athleisure’ look

Definition: The name combines the words ‘athletic’ and ‘leisure’; a trend that normalises the usage of athletic wear in everyday situations.

Don’t be fooled by the fancy name. It’s basically our ‘cheat’ way of just wanting to wear leggings, sweats, jerseys and sneakers wherever we go. Not only is this style super comfortable, but you can also put on that “I just came straight from the gym look” to fool people into thinking you actually do lead a healthy lifestyle.


5. The Influencers


Definition: Comprised of social media influencers or digital content creators, this term is used for individuals who are influential on the internet and would always look well put together everywhere they go.

The influencer style of dressing up is certainly not easy for us to achieve. These folks have a distinctive style that is a cross between effortless but still super fashionable! And don’t lie, most of us have definitely stalked them just to find some inspiration when we don’t know what to wear. Not only that, but their OOTD game is hella strong too!

Well, if you’ve always admired these influencers and wondered, “I wish I could hang out with those cool kids”, then boy do we have just the news for you!

You can now join over 100 of Malaysia’s hottest style icons who will be a part of a virtual fashion show of the coolest collaboration in town – 1664 Blanc X Nerdunit!

Yes, we’re not kidding. The premium beer brand 1664 Blanc is actually collaborating with the local street wear brand, Nerdunit, to launch a fashion collection! This collection will be themed ‘Good Taste with a Twist’, by fusing French elegance with trendy Malaysian street wear in this unique collaboration.


Wanna know what’s cool?

While 1664 Blanc has collaborated with esteemed designers such as Christian Lacroix and Philippe Starck in the past, this would mark its first time ever to join forces with a street wear brand!

The best part is, you are ALL invited to the fashion show launch and you don’t even have to leave the house! All you need to do is tune into the live Facebook stream of the show (for FREE) this 15th May 2020 at 7pm where you’ll also get to hang out with some of the most fashionable influencers in Malaysia, such as:

  1. Venice Min
  2. Josh Kua
  3. Brian See
  4. Ju Wei Teoh
  5. Sanjna Suri
  6. Kimberly Vnug
  7. Nelson Chong
  8. Natalie Prabha
  9. Brynn Lovett
  10. Neal Edwin… and many more!

This is your chance to feel like a total fashionista, guys!


6. The Lepak Mamak Starter Pack

lepak mamak

Definition: This style requires the most comfortable t-shirt, singlet, or soccer jersey you own, paired with shorts and selipar Jepun to ensure maximum comfort as you lepak at the mamak for hours!

This is probably the most worn outfit (and the most comfortable one too!) in this list that all of us are guilty of committing. But hey, you can’t blame us. Those lepak sessions at the mamak can take up hours and hours so we need to make sure we stay comfortable, okay!


7. The Bundle Addicts


Definition: ‘Bundle’ shops (a.k.a thrift shops) are secondhand clothing stores that recently became a hot trend, partly due to the extremely cheap price tags, but also due to the fact that the retro/old-school style has been trending.

We’re not sure when exactly ‘thrifting’ became a hot trend, but we highly suspect that the Macklemore song had something to do with it. However, we do commend the effort of these thrifters. Sifting through racks of clothing to find fashionable pieces and scoring them at extremely low prices is, to us, definitely a special talent!


So, are you guilty of wearing any of these outfits?

From lepak sessions to fancy events, it’s evident that Malaysians can do it all! Especially throughout this whole #StayAtHome period, we’ve seen Malaysians get really creative and stylish at home by joining those viral TikTok trends. So if you feel like dressing up and looking your best, now you have an extra excuse to do so as you tune into the 1664 Blanc X Nerdunit fashion show.

For more information on the show, you can keep yourself updated by following 1664 Blanc on Facebook for updates on this collab!

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