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7 Fun Facts About the Exchange 106 That’s Set to Open in September 2018



7 Amazing Facts that You Should Know About the New Tallest Building in M'sia - WORLD OF BUZZ
Source: Instagram

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For many years, the Petronas Twin Towers have reigned over the skyline of Kuala Lumpur as the tallest building in Malaysia and Southeast Asia. However, a new and upcoming skyscraper is set to dethrone the Twin Towers upon its completion.

Yes, we’re referring to the famous Exchange 106 that is currently being constructed in Tun Razak Exchange area. The building is so phenomenal that it was even described as “the construction game-changer“, so we’ve compiled a few interesting facts that you should know about this upcoming new building!

Fascinating Facts About the Exchange 106 - WORLD OF BUZZ

Source: Instagram


1. It will be the new tallest building in Malaysia and Southeast Asia

As the name suggests, the Exchange 106 has a jaw-dropping 106 floors as compared to 88 floors in the Twin Towers. Here’s how much the two iconic landmarks differ in height.

Petronas Twin Towers: 451.9m
Exchange 106: 492.3m

This building is so tall that it’s now among the top 15 tallest buildings in the world!

Source: Facebook


2. The building’s car park bays can fit over 2,000 cars

If this impressive building is going to house your office later in the year, parking space is one thing you don’t have to worry about, because there are 2,116 car park bays available for tenants! 

Source: Instagram


3. The construction involves one of the largest concrete pours in the world

Just to paint a better picture, 13,200 cubic metres of concrete was poured in during the construction of the Twin Towers. It was done in the span of 53 hours for each tower, thus making it the largest and longest concrete pour in Malaysian history. 

However, as for the Exchange 106, 20,200 cubic metres of concrete was poured into an area, which is as big as eight Olympic swimming pools combined!

The process was carried out over the span of 48 hours, making it the second largest concrete pour recorded GLOBALLY!

Source: Youtube

Source: Youtube

The whole operation was so huge that it required:

  • 120 cement mixers
  • 8.5 million kg of cement
  • 16 million kg of sand
  • 19 million kg of construction aggregates
  • 2 million kg of ice to counter the heat generated in the construction process

Source: Youtube


4. One full floor is completed every two to three days

According to project director Roland Suckling, the building was specifically designed so that it can be erected speedily and more efficiently. Coupled with their strategies, the construction’s rate of progress is certainly impressive!

“We started off with a four-day cycle. A full floor is completed every four days. Then we moved to a three-day cycle. At the top of the building now, we’re doing two-day cycles on the concrete floor slabs,” Roland said. 

Also, this progress is made possible thanks to some 2,000 workers of different nationalities who work 22-hour shifts every day of the week.

Source: Instagram

Source: Instagram

Source: Instagram


5. The construction and interior decorations are actually taking place simultaneously

“Normally the contractors come in and build the structure, and then the internal decoration team will come. However, they are doing this simultaneously, which helps reduce the duration of the project,” China to Malaysia Ambassador, Bai Tian said.

Source: Sinchew

Thanks to this, the building should be ready for its grand opening by the third quarter of 2018.


6. This building is being made using cutting edge green technology

To construct this skyscraper, here are some of the cool features being used that are energy-efficient and environmentally-friendly;

  • High performance insulated glass

Source: Instagram

  • Energy-efficient mechanical, electrical, plumbing (MEP) systems with Star rating
  • 100% LED lighting
  • State-of-the-art lift technologies

Lift at the basement carpark | Source: Instagram

In fact, the Exchange 106 is certified as a Green Building by Green Building Index (GBI)!


7. It’s going to look super luxurious

Although the Exchange 106 is often described as a modern international financial hub, the interior design makes it appear very luxurious! These are the few features that you can expect to see in the building upon completion:

  • High ceilings finished in English Burl wood
  • A 15 metre-tall entrance lobby
  • A concierge reception comparable to five-star hotels in the region
  • Exquisite sky lobby offering breathtaking views of the city
  • Marble floors and walls of the highest quality in the lobbies

Lift at the lobby | Source: Instagram

In short, the building is super ‘atas’! 


Based on what we’ve heard so far, this architectural gem in the heart of KL certainly looks promising!

The Exchange 106 is expected to complete in September 2018 and judging from the speed of the construction, we don’t see why they can’t keep up with the schedule!


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