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7 Malaysian Instagrammers With Amazing Feeds You Should Check Out



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Photography has become a huge part of social media, especially since the birth of instagram which allowed users to express their creativity in beautiful imagery. Not everyone can dedicate a whole feed of stunning pictures (I know, I’ve tried). If you have an eye for pretty pictures, check out these instagrammers we compiled this week!

1. @keywai

Photo 21-03-2015 18 33 18

Keywai joined instagram since 2012, but only started posting on this feed 2 years after. He is one of the members of ‘kolumpo igers’ which is based in Kuala Lumpur and has coined the hashtag #cunbruh. He is a mobilegrapher and only uses his trusty iphone to capture all his shots, then editing them using Snapseed and Vsco Cam.

Keywai’s feed stands out from your usual insta feed because of the quirky yet captivating images he shoots and many share the same opinion. Having only posted 78 pictures so far, his follower count already reached 3.4k. Check out more of him here.

keywai   keywai2   Processed with VSCOcam with se3 preset

keywai3   keywaii   Photo 14-03-2015 18 46 55


 2. @bboyrice


Jeremy Choy aka bboyrice is a portraiture photographer and does a bit of videography on the side. He create artworks under the his own tag, “rice | photo”. He has a lot of passion in doing portraiture, both studio and outdoors, and weddings. His insta incorporates a lot of his lifestyle pictures as well, which ofcourse, are beautifully taken.

Although having taken so many pictures, Jeremy is pretty low key as you could hardly find a photo of himself anywhere! Check more of him out on his insta and vsco.

bboy  bboyrice  bboy2

bboy1  bboy3  bboy4


3. @mr_darcy


Joey Mah is a photographer who dedicated his instagram feed to modern architecture and the occasional natural scenery. He recently traveled to Japan, which allowed him to take ever more breathtaking images of buildings and their components.

View his instagram feed here!

darcy  darcy2  darcy3

darcy4  darcy5  darcy6



4. @mi.lv

Processed with VSCOcam with se3 preset

Mila is a 17 year old girl who adores taking pictures.Whenever she is out and about, Mila would always put her camera on standby and shoot practically anything in front of her. Before joining instagram, her first thought of that app was it being a platform for selfies, but she couldn’t be more mistaken. Soon, she discovered mobilegraphy and started to see the world in a new perspective, where she would start finding the beauty in daily life.

See more of her instagram here.

mila milv  PicsArt_1425796921455  milaa

Screenshot_2015-03-08-14-49-11_1  Processed with VSCOcam with se3 preset  Screenshot_2015-03-08-14-54-49_1



5. @w.k__

Processed with VSCOcam with a6 preset

Wai Kit is an instagrammer with a keen interest in, well you guessed it, photography! anddd the coffee culture in Malaysia. Alongside with his smartphone and sometimes Fuji x20, he would capture the beauty of coffee art and the café scene. Scrolling through his feed, you will be able to tell that he has an eye for building architecture too.

Check out his feed here!

wk  wk2  wk3

wk5  wk4  wk7


6. @tiffanycyt


Having just turned twenty one last January, Tiffany is currently studying ACCA, a professional Accountancy program, in Sunway University. She is not your stay-at-home kinda girl (unless she has a drama series to catch), and would prefer spending her time outside. She enjoys café hopping with her friends who share the same passion as her: photographing food before it enters the tummy. Tiffany admits being the best at procrastinating, but would make sure to get her work done.. eventually.

Check more of her out on insta!

tiff  tiff2  tiff3

tiff5  tiff6  tiff7


7. @isaactkv


Issac is a mobilegrapher who love taking pictures of his daily life and surroundings. His instagram is basically a timeline of his life and if you have visited his feed before, you would know he’s an avid coffee drinker. He does not only cafe-hop, but also barista-hops! Having a tremendous love for coffee, he’s a home barista and helps out in his friends’ cafe whenever they are in need of one. Up to date, Isaac has worked in over 8 cafes!

Check out his instagram here.

issactkv  isaac  isaactkv5

isaactkv2  isaactkv4  isaactkv3

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