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7 Passenger Rights You Should Know Next Time Your Flight is Delayed or Cancelled



7 Passenger Rights That Every Malaysian Should Know When Flying - World Of Buzz

We all love to travel. But one of the many frustrating things about travelling is facing problems with our flights; delayed flights, missing luggage bags, and even lack of ground staff’s assistance.

But did you know that you have the rights to many things, even when it seems like nothing could be done about these problems?

According to the Malaysian Aviation Commission (MAVCOM), we actually have many rights that can be exercised when our flights don’t go as planned.

Our rights as passengers also include foreign flights too!!

Here are some of these rights you should remember the next time you get on a flight:

7 Passenger Rights That Every Malaysian Should Know - World Of Buzz 8

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7 Passenger Rights That Every Malaysian Should Know - World Of Buzz 9

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