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7 Profile Pictures That Makes Tinder Users Swipe Left



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*Photo credits: Asad Uddin

The use of dating apps are increasingly prevalent in today’s society as the need for social connection and recognition grows, especially towards the younger ones. What used to be frowned upon are now widely accepted as more and more people are adapting to such lifestyle. Emerging apps such as Tinder, Beetalk, OkCupid and Skout are just some of the digital channels which you can possibly meet a new flame.

Surely intangible factors such as hobbies and your background matter, but those evaluations only come after the first stage; which is to be virtually liked and appealing on first sight! With so many options available and so little time, the reality is that you’ll be screened and judged fully by your appearance (profile pictures) alone. Don’t judge a book by it’s cover? WRONG! Your cover matters and it matters a lot if you want to make it to the next stage.

Before that, just to ensure everyone’s on the same page, here’s what ‘swipe left’ mean, as according to Urban Dictionary.

swipe left

The main concern would be to get the initial approval solely through your profile picture because if you don’t, your potential flame would have just ‘swiped left’ on you. When that happens, any chances of you even getting to know the other person is swiped away as well.

Here are the 7 things you should NOT be doing in your profile pictures if you want more matches flooding in.


1. Showcasing objects 

insta car
Sure pictures of luxury cars and mansions you own are nice, but it shows you’re only about material things. You can only expect for matches you make, the other person is only interested in your assets. When it comes to profile pictures, it’s about presenting yourself, not what you have.


2. Idolizing characters

taylor swift
Profile pictures should display how you look like in person, not the pictures of others. Pictures of your favorite cartoon character, Hollywood star and anything along those lines should be avoided at all cost. Save it as conversation topics for later stages after the match.

There’s nothing wrong being a huge fan of Taylor Swift, but when one or more of your pictures is featuring her, it starts to look obsessive.

Also you don’t want to be sending off the wrong signal with images that do not represent yourself. Imagine someone with multiple pictures of Spongebob, it’ll just look silly and childish.


3. Which Is John?
tinder group

Having pictures of you hanging out with your buddies are fine, but do make sure that you have your own pictures too, especially as the featured image.

It’s a hassle when others have to search through crowds of people just to figure out which is you. Consequently, it will be a let down when the other person has an eye on someone else in the crowd, only to know that you are not the person after further viewing.

When feeling frustrated and disappointed, swiping left would be a natural reaction for anyone.

I mean…
aint nobady


4. Incognito mode

Incognito mode is only for dodgy things which you do not want to disclose. Wearing a cap, sunglasses or hiding your face in every picture only creates the assumption that you have something to hide. If you’re ashamed of showing yourself, maybe you shouldn’t be on a dating app which involves judging people based on pictures.

No back pictures, no blank pictures. Give the other person something to work with.


5. Baby, baby, baby nooo…

justin bieber

One baby picture is acceptable. Having them as every profile picture is a little weird and concerning. Nobody wants to see how you look like during your childhood when no connection has been established. Save all your baby pictures for the fourth date. Show others what you look like now.

Also stop using pictures from your glory years during college. If you have changed since then, don’t be afraid to show it. Avoid unnecessary expectations and be yourself. This will save you the troubles later.


6. One and only


Images are the only way you can provide information to people when using dating apps. If a picture is worth a thousand word, always make sure to hit the 3,000 words minimum. Post a variety of photos so others can have some initial idea of who you are and how you look like. Having only one photo in your profile only sends out two messages:

1. You have no social life, a pervert, an impersonator or just down right uninteresting.
2. This was the only decent photo which you could ever have possibly taken; and its Photoshop-ed.

The only exception to this is if you’re a pizza of course; everybody loves pizza.


7. Who’s that other?

dude tinder

If you’re on a dating app, there shouldn’t be a reason for you to have another hot person in your pictures in such a way that people would think you’re both couples. Photos to avoid includes kissing or getting kissed, prom-style and hands closely around each other. Let’s be clear, nobody wants to be that “other girl or guy” and spark relationship dramas.

Only if you look identical that it’s clear you’re sibling, this is not a way to get your potential flame interested.
Impression is crucial when it comes to dating apps. Choose your photo’s wisely to steer away from any misconception as there are only so much you can convey through your pictures. Make a good impression and you’re already a step ahead from the rest.

Happy matching!

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