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72yo Wuhan Man Dies From Coronavirus Just Months Before Competing in Bodybuilding Event



72yo Bodybuilder From Wuhan Dies From Coronavirus a Few Days After - WORLD OF BUZZ
Source: Wei Xin

A 72-year-old bodybuilder from Wuhan, China died from the new coronavirus on 6th February, reported Chinese media. News about this came as a shock to many as the 72-year-old was known to be really active and fit.

It was on 18th January when Qiu Jun was working out at his gym as usual. His students were a little worried about him as the Wuhan virus had begun spreading rapidly in the city, and told him not to stay in the gym too much.

When it was made known that the virus could be transmitted between humans, Qiu Jun was still going to the gym.

Source: Wei Xin

Source: Wei Xin

Source: Wei Xin

He was supposed to take part in a bodybuilding event in June, the same contest where he won second place in the elderly category in 2019. He wanted to compete till he was 80.

On 23rd January, the city of Wuhan was put on lockdown, leaving Qiu Jun no choice but to stop going to the gym.

Source: Wei Xin

Source: Wei Xin

The next day, he started to have a fever and no appetite to eat and was put in isolation at home. Several days later, Qiu Jun felt very weak and was bought to the hospital where he was diagnosed with a lung infection.

His symptoms persisted and the fever worsened in February and was later quarantined at the local Red Cross hospital on 2nd February after testing positive for the new coronavirus.

However, just four days later, Qiu Jun succumbed to his illnesses and passed away.

Source: Wei Xin

Qiu Jun had been a fitness enthusiast for the past two decades. Ever since retiring in 2003, he has been participating in bodybuilding competitions and even competes with people in their 20s.

He exercised and ran regularly and as a full-time bodybuilder, Qiu also maintained a strict diet to keep his body fat low.

Qiu Jun’s family said, “Our father who never fell ill was unable to escape from this misfortune.”

RIP Qiu Jun.


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