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8 Signs Malaysians Should Really Change Their ‘Kolot’ Car



Here's How You Know It's Time to Change Your 'Kolot' Car - WORLD OF BUZZ 7
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Have you ever looked at your car and thought, “Is it really time to change my car? Can drive still okay mah!”. Of course, if still can use then why waste money to buy a new one right? Well! Safety people!

Here's How You Know It's Time to Change Your 'Kolot' Car - WORLD OF BUZZ

In some cases, you know you need a change of car but can’t find the right replacement. Or you could just be in denial that it’s time for a change. Either way, if you’re feeling conflicted, here are some signs you confirm need to change your ‘kolot’ car.

PS: Changing your car might actually even save you money too!


1. You’re visiting the mechanic way more than a routine service

Here's How You Know It's Time to Change Your 'Kolot' Car - WORLD OF BUZZ 2

Making regular visits to service your car is a good way to extend your car life. Just follow the maintenance schedule set by your mechanic (usually every 5,000km or so). If, however, you’re making too many trips to the workshop, then you should probably look into getting a new ride. As for working out the calculation, if you’re making that many trips to your mechanic then you’re probably spending a bomb on repairs that could have gone towards a new car instead.


2. It costs more to repair than what the car is worth

Here's How You Know It's Time to Change Your 'Kolot' Car - WORLD OF BUZZ 5

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Always remember that a car’s market value depreciates as the years go by. In five years, your car will be worth almost 50% less than what it’s worth now! That being said, do the math and work out if repairing your car will cost more or almost similar to what your car might actually be worth.


3. When your car no longer suits your needs

Getting a car that suits your needs isn’t only important but economical. If you’re someone who needs ample boot space yet drive a small car, then you should probably consider upgrading your ride to a bigger one. Similarly, it’s just not practical to be driving around in an X-Trail if you’re spending 90% of your time on the road. Petrol not cheap wey. Which brings us to our next point:


4. When your car always ‘makan’ petrol

Mileage is one of the most important factors to getting a car. You want to know you’re getting the best out of what you’re paying. Petrol so expensive Y_Y 

Decreased mileage is something that’s inevitable as a car ages. Sure, you’d be able to prolong your car’s fuel efficiency with regular maintenance but that would only go so far. In short, if your car starts to makan too much petrol that’s burning a hole in your pocket, look to getting a new ride. If fuel efficiency is your main concern, consider getting a hybrid instead.

For instance, with Honda’s new Sport Hybrid system, you’ll get sporty efficiency that gives your 1.5L ride the performance equivalent of a 1.8L engine. And you confirm save money on petrol too!

[TEST] 8 Signs Malaysians Should Really Change Their ‘Kolot’ Car - WORLD OF BUZZ

Available in both Jazz Hybrid and City Hybrid models, the engine allows the car to engage in three drive modes – EV, hybrid and petrol – that switch naturally to suit conditions as the user drives. That means you won’t have to spend so much on petrol! The engine is equipped with a high-power lithium-ion battery that comes with an 8-year warranty with unlimited mileage so you know you’re getting reliability even on the off-chance it does break down.

The Honda Jazz Hybrid and Honda City Hybrid are both available for under RM90,000 now. Visit their website to find out more on how you can get a sweet new ride. Don’t say we never recommend ah!


5. When your car sounds like a one-man percussion band

When every speed bump that you take results in your car beating in time to the drums of Toto’s Africa, that’s probably a warning sign that you should be looking at cars for sale. Of course, it could be useful if anyone needs a backup percussionist that’s on-the-go.


6. When your friends literally refuse to even enter your car

Here's How You Know It's Time to Change Your 'Kolot' Car - WORLD OF BUZZ 6

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You know it’s time for a car change when your friends decide to carpool to somewhere and they would rather squeeze into someone else’s tiny new 4-seater than your falling-apart-7-seater. Even worse, they refer to it as the ‘death trap’.


7. When lights that aren’t supposed to blink start blinking non-stop

Here's How You Know It's Time to Change Your 'Kolot' Car - WORLD OF BUZZ 3

Source: Drive 2

Or when they start blinking on and off for no reason. Either way, you may need to consider changing your ride if going to the mechanic doesn’t seem to solve the problem. Or call an exorcist.


8. When you’re just ‘sien’ with the trouble your car is causing you

Here's How You Know It's Time to Change Your 'Kolot' Car - WORLD OF BUZZ 1

As much as your old car has been faithfully getting you places, there will come a time when you’ve just had enough of all the problems it’s been causing you. The amount of time and money spent on trying to get the old boy or girl running again just isn’t worth it anymore, even if it was your first car. Hey, look at the bright side! At least you’ll have peace of mind instead of praying to the car gods that your car doesn’t overheat or break down in the middle of a long drive.

If you’ve gone down the list and thought ‘Yes this is my car’ then it’s probably time for you to face the truth – because the first step to recovery is admitting you have a problem – and start looking for a new car. Of course, getting a new car is a huge commitment so don’t simply close eyes and choose la. Consider your options, work out the math and most of all, make sure it’s something that suits your needs!


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