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8 Slow Things In Our Daily Lives That Teach Malaysians The True Meaning Of Patience



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As we approach the end of 2020, the year has undoubtedly felt like all the days in the calendar flew by in a jiffy. But as we live out our fast-paced routines, there have also been moments that make time seem to move infuriatingly slow.

Read on below and see if you agree that these moments have definitely taught us the true meaning of patience!


1. The daily traffic jams, especially around Klang Valley

If you drive to work every day, you’ll understand the daily pains of being stuck in traffic. Especially because you can’t even do anything else other than stare ahead wishing the cars would go faster. Every time you press on the brakes and your car halts to a stop, so does the time!


2. Waiting for that plate of famous char kuay teow you’ve been dying to try

It goes without saying that Malaysia is known for its rich culture and of course, incredible food. Whether it’s nasi lemak, banana leaf rice or a plate of char kuay teow, we have it all! But with great food comes great… patience. I’m sure we all know that feeling of having to wait for our food order(s) to arrive after waiting so long to try it. If it’s a famous restaurant, we sometimes wait over an hour! THE AGONY.


3. When waiting for your online shopping parcels to arrive

Am I the only one who would finish checking out my online shopping cart and all I’ll do next is:

It’s even more torturous when you have the tracking number. You’ll end up tracking your parcel every 15 minutes and getting disappointed when you see it is not moving anywhere.

P/S: We still love you though, Abang Delivery. <3


4. Waiting for the next season of your favourite show to air

One of the best feelings is when you see a new season of your favourite series being released online and you’ll finish binge-watching it within a day. Then, the last episode will finish on a cliffhanger and you’re left to suffer as you wait a year (sometimes more) for the continuation. How unfair!


5. When time seems to move extra slow when you’re working out

Has anyone else experienced that moment during a workout session when you had to run or squat for a full minute but 10 seconds in and you feel like the whole universe has slowed down and time stood still? No? Just me?


6. When waiting for payday to arrive

Okay, to give a bit of context, I guess it does feel longer for me since my salary literally disappears just from paying my bills. Apart from teaching us patience as we wait for payday to arrive, the end of every month also proves one thing: Malaysians are pros at being frugal ‘economic’.

Source: TripAdvisor and Liputan6

If this is not you every month, then are you even normal?


7. Waiting for the weekend to come

Am I the only one who thinks having two days for a weekend is not enough? It’s already bad enough that it takes forever for the weekend to arrive, but we can barely enjoy it since it flies by in the blink of an eye and we’d get so bummed out at the thought of having to repeat the whole cycle.

If it were up to us, we’d have five-day weekends and two-day workdays.

Sounds fair, right???


8. The slow internet speed

Is there anything worse than dealing with slow internet speed? Now that most of us are home 24/7 due to CMCO, you probably had plans to chill at home and catch up on some movies, right? Unfortunately, more often than not, you’re stuck watching a movie that stops every few seconds because it isn’t fully loaded yet and when it does play, it’s at the lowest possible resolution. All due to the slow internet connection. It probably got you looking a bit like…

The only thing worse than that is when you have to study or work from home and the slow internet speed won’t let you get anything done! To save you from any further torture, we’ve got a suggestion…

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You can choose between the weekly plan starting at RM12 or the monthly plan starting at RM35.

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Can you think of any other slow moments in your daily life? List them down below!

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