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8 Things Every Malaysian Employee Has Done Before When Their Boss Is Not In The Office



8 Silly Things Employees Would Do When Their Boss Is Finally Not in The Office - WORLD OF BUZZ
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Working can sometimes be a little stressful and when your boss is right there, you need to be on your best behaviour. So when your boss is not in the office, you can let loose a little and relax. After all, when the cat is away the mouse will play, right? PS: Please don’t show our boss this article!


1. Catching up with some Z’s in the office

x Silly Things You Would Do When Your Boss Is Not in The Office - WORLD OF BUZZ


It isn’t easy to wake up early every morning to get to work especially on Mondays and then after that, you have to brave rush hour traffic as well. So, you can’t really blame us when the mid-morning slump hits you and you accidentally on purpose take forty winks. 


2. Scroll through ALL the social media

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With so many social media platforms these days, you’re bound to be on at least one of ’em. So when the boss is not there and you want to take a breather from work, you start to take a quick scroll through social media. And suddenly, five minutes turn into an hour without you realising it! And I oop!


3. Taking a slightly extended lunch break

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Usually, lunch breaks only last from 45 minutes to one hour depending on your company. However, we might just be tempted to stretch it slightly when the boss isn’t around!


4. Going on shopping sprees

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The struggle is real when your office is located near a shopping mall because every lunchtime, you will walk past all the tempting stores that are just waiting for you. And when the boss is not here, we will curi-curi go and browse through the awesome stuff on sale.


5. Lepak-ing around the office

9 Silly Things You Would Do When Your Boss Is Not in The Office - WORLD OF BUZZ

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Chill lah, time to take a break! After all, the boss is not here right? It’s the perfect time to drink a cuppa and just chat with your colleagues. But make sure your work is finished ah, we’re not responsible if you get scolded!


6. Impromptu karaoke sessions

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Suddenly, life in the office becomes like a musical because your colleagues might just randomly belt out tunes in the office. They just start singing for no reason probably because they feel so much more relaxed when the boss is not here! Unless your boss likes singing too then they’re probably cool with it!


7. Let loose with some games team-building activities

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We believe that you should have a positive working relationship with your colleagues and you might want to take this time to further strengthen this bond with some activities that might not exactly be your boss’s idea of appropriate games. Keep it safe for work, guys!


8. Leaving the office extremely on time

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A lot of people tend to work longer hours when their bosses are around so that they don’t look like they are slacking. But when the boss is not here, suddenly you will see that the office is empty at 6pm on the dot. Remember, work-life balance is important too!

Have you done any of these when your boss is away? Shhh, we won’t tell them if you won’t! 😛


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