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8 Things You Should Check Immediately After Receiving Your New House Keys



8 Things You Should Immediately Check After Receiving Your New House Keys - WORLD OF BUZZ
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Receiving the keys to your new house is definitely an important life milestone as you’ve worked hard to save up for the down payment.

However, before you proceed with your shopping trips to IKEA or start having renovations done, it’s crucial for you to inspect the house first, as explained by this netizen.

“Usually, the developers would give a 24-month period for us to inspect our house and we can complain about any damage or imperfection in the interior and exterior of the house.”

“This is our right as consumers and the developers will not be accountable once you’ve started renovating the house,” Shamier Mohaimin said on his Facebook wall.

Instead of going there empty-handed, he advises bringing these items along when inspecting your new house.

  • Masking tape – Stick it at places where cracks or defects are found
  • Marker pen (red) – To write the type of damage on the masking tape
  • A4 paper – List down all the damage and their locations so that you can keep track of them
  • Camera – To take pictures of the defects


Here’s a list of the areas you should pay close attention to.

1 . Doors

  • Open and close the doors multiple times; don’t forget to test out the doorknobs with the keys
  • Look around the door frame for defects as well

Source: Facebook

Source: Facebook

Source: Facebook

Source: Facebook


2. Floor tiles 

  • Gently knock on all the floor tiles with a screwdriver to identify if there are any hollow ones
  • Mark those hollow tiles and the broken ones as well
  • Pay extra attention to the floor tiles in the kitchen and bathroom because hollow ones are usually found there

Source: Facebook

Source: Facebook


3. Electricity supply

  • Turn on the main switch and check all the wall sockets as well as electrical appliances such as fans and lights

Image for illustration purposes only | Source: 100 comments


4. Water supply

  • When the water meter is in place, turn on all the taps simultaneously and make sure the drainage system is working well
  • Make sure the toilet bowls and sinks are not clogged
  • Check on the water taps and shower heads for any leakage
  • Fill up the water reservoir and make sure the water meter reading stops afterwards
  • If the reading doesn’t stop, it means there is water leaking somewhere between the water meter and the reservoir

Image for illustration purposes only | Source: Pinterest


5. Windows and sliding doors

  • Open the windows as wide as possible and try locking the sliding doors to see if they can be closed tightly

Image for illustration purposes only | Source: Lokal Pages


6. Stairs 

  • Hold the handrail and shake it to see if any part is loose

Image for illustration purposes only | Source: Massiere


7. Bathroom on the upper floor

  • To detect if any water has seeped through the floor, seal the hole on the floor with binding tape and flood the bathroom
  • Leave it there for a week and look for signs of water leakage from the ground floor
8 Things You Should Immediately Check After Receiving Your New House Keys - WORLD OF BUZZ 1

Source: Homebut


8. Walls

  • Look for cracks on the walls and inform the developer if you spot any

Source: Facebook

Source: Facebook


After performing all the checks above, you should then lock your house safely before leaving, as the developer will not be responsible for any theft that happens in your property after the keys are handed over. Once all defects have been corrected, only then should you start renovating the house.

These minor imperfections may not seem like a big problem at first, but they will wreak havoc in your house and break your bank in a few years’ time! Don’t let it happen guys! 


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