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8 Types of Malaysians We All Encounter in Our Group During a Night Out



8 Types of Malaysians We All Encounter in Our Group During a Night Out - WORLD OF BUZZ
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No matter how tired we are, especially after work or uni, we somehow always manage to make time for a night out with friends. Need to rilek ma! It not only helps get our minds off assignments or work stress, it also adds a bit more fun and excitement to our otherwise mundane lives.

If you’re familiar with what we’re saying, then you’re probably no stranger to the different types of friends in your group. If some of these don’t really describe your friends, then chances are you’re that friend!

1. That one friend who gets invited to everything because everyone wants to be around them

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For real though, the party don’t start ’til they walk in. 

This type of friend isn’t just outgoing but knows how to have a really good time too. They’re trendy and they keep themselves up to date on all the best go-to places and wherever the party is, being around them almost 100 per cent guarantees you a fun and memorable night out.


2. That friend who becomes a completely different person like, who are you even?!

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From being an introvert to becoming a total extrovert, from being someone who’s always the life of the party to someone who’s all sleepy and tired. Alcohol does the funniest things to people. It’s amusing to watch.

Let’s not forget about those who, out of nowhere, can suddenly become kings and queens of the dance floor.


3. The one who always gives off the cool, self-assured vibe

While there are many individuals who try to pull off a cool and confident facade, we all have that one friend in the group who’s actually, genuinely confident in all their decisions and can pull off the cool personality effortlessly. They usually give off a super relaxed vibe and, they order the coolest drinks too! Whatever they say, goes. Teach me, senpai.


4. The one who always FFK or has to leave early

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When you’ve found a table for five people, and suddenly the fifth friend texts you on WhatsApp and says they can’t make it. Sometimes, when this friend does make it, they’d suddenly disappear into thin air… leaving without a trace. At least say lah you need to leave!


5. The one who doesn’t mind splurging on drinks because they’re cool like that

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A.k.a. everyone’s best friend at the bar or club.

Especially when they’re in a good mood, they buy drinks for everyone else! And because of their experience and good judgement when it comes to drinks, they know exactly what to order for you and everyone else in the room. WoohooPAAARTAAAY!


6. The pro who knows all there is to know about, well, everything

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From knowing the best drinks to order, best ways to mix a drink, to all the best bars or clubs in town, this friend is experienced in every aspect. They also tend to make the best, most knowledgable decisions when it comes to ordering the best drink among their group of friends. One Single Malt Scotch Whisky please!


7. That super sporting friend who’s always up for an adventure (and a good drink)

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This friend isn’t afraid to try new things, visit new places, or explore new possibilities. Invite them for a night out and there’s a 100 per cent chance they’ll say yes, regardless of the place or people. They’re also usually the most daring to try new drinks. After all, for this friend, new experiences offer the best kind of adventure.


8. That friend who’s extremely particular about what they order

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Sometimes they even wait for everyone else’s drinks to come first, so they can try everything before ordering their own. You think free taste test ah?!

If you’re friends with one of those, or maybe you’re a picky person yourself who can never settle on a drink, might we suggest going for The Singleton instead? Become the pro in your group and order the drink all your friends would confirm want to try. Plus, it’s easy to drink!

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The rich and smooth bodied taste of the Single Malt Scotch Whisky from the Scottish Highlands is well-liked by many and often considered Malaysians’ favourite choice! That’s why you can find it almost anywhere. The bar, the club, probably even in your uncle’s home!

Don’t take our word for it! The Singleton was also rated number one in the International Wines and Spirits Report 2016, as it appeals to both the curious palates and seasoned drinkers. Additionally, Glen Ord is also known as one of the oldest distilleries in the highlands, dating back to the 1830’s, which is what gives The Singleton its rich and distinct flavour. With decades of experience, Malaysians can be rest assured they’ll get the best taste from The Singleton.

So the next time you go for a night out with friends, you know what to do! It’s your turn to be the cool and knowledgeable one in the group!

Find out more about The Singleton here!

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