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8yo Dies From Brain Vessel Rupture After Mum Whacks Her Head for Doing Homework Wrong



Mum Accidentally Kills 8yo Girl by Hitting Her HeaBecause She Did Homework Wrong - WORLD OF BUZZ
Source: Straits Times & Berkely News

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A mother accidentally killed her eight-year-old daughter when she got her homework answers wrong.

According to Oriental Daily, the girl from China was doing her homework while watching cartoons at home one afternoon. Because she wasn’t fully focused on her homework, she made a lot of mistakes.

When her mother checked her daughter’s homework and saw the errors, she became impatient and beat her on the back of her head. The girl burst out crying in pain.

Her mother suddenly felt guilty about what she did, so she took a packet of pickled chicken feet and gave it to her daughter to coax her, hoping that her daughter would understand her emotions at the time. The girl stopped crying after eating the chicken feet.

However, not long after that, the girl started experiencing dizziness and started vomiting. Her mother immediately brought her to the hospital, but nothing could be done and she was declared dead that night.

Her mother was struck with sorrow and began wondering if the chicken feet she had given her daughter was poisonous seeing as she had eaten the snack before she died. She was worried that the snack had taken her child’s life, but the doctor discovered the actual cause of her death.

Source: Vietnam.net

The doctor revealed that it was due to cerebral contusion – a form of traumatic brain injury where the brain tissue is bruised – caused by an external force.

Her mother sadly admitted that she had beaten her daughter on the back of her head as a punishment and regretted her actions.

The doctor then explained further that the girl’s brain already had cerebrovascular malformation, which is a rare condition that affects the blood vessels and blood flow in the brain, according to Riley Children’s Health. These malformations involve arteries and veins but not capillaries.

When the mother hit the girl’s head, the impact had caused the deformed blood vessels in her brain to rupture, which ultimately led to her death.

The doctor then said that the back of the brain is where the central nervous system is and the part that controls the respiratory system. If it is hit with external force, it may cause damage and lead to a series of complications including respiratory failure.

The doctor then advised parents not the hit their children as punishment as it could lead to physical and psychological harm that cannot be reversed.


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