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9-Day-Old Baby Sleeps With No Proper Clothing, Ebit Lew Steps In To Provide



Source: Ebit Lew | Facebook

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One thing we’ve never thought of considering is the hardships of those whose family members have been imprisoned for crimes.

Many of those who have been arrested, do in fact, come from less fortunate backgrounds.

For instance, a woman and her three children have been living in saddening conditions, as her nine-day-old baby rested with no proper clothing, or even socks, as showcased by Ustaz Ebit Lew.

He wrote, “Ya Allah, so heartbreaking. This evening in Ipoh, I met a nine-day-old baby with no socks, no proper clothing, no bedding, and their house direly lack basic needs. A woman just gave birth to a nine-day-old child. Husband is in prison. Three small children. The house has not been paid for in two months. The house has a small fan with blades that are broken. The husband has been arrested since October.”

Thankfully, Ustaz Ebit stepped in to help by paying for the roof above their heads and gifting them with necessities such as diapers, clothes and mattresses.

“I bought all the necessary items the baby and other small children need. She cried. She asked me to pray for her baby. This child is so cute, small palms and it was smiling earlier. I gifted them a washing machine, fan and other necessities and gave them some spending money,”

“I will pay the monthly rent. The kids were happy to be gifted toys. How heavy the mother and the children’s burdens are. I can’t stand to watch them,” he added.

It is good to see that he didn’t have to step in alone as he thanked the organisations and general public who have helped, in one way or another.

“I’m grateful, thank you to the local NGOs and community who have helped so much. Thank you to JKM. Thank you, Zakat. Thank you to all who have helped and sped up the assistance.”

We’re truly saddened for this family but also glad that they managed to get the help they needed from kind Malaysians.

Those who are struggling should never be left behind.

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Source: Ebit Lew
Source: Ebit Lew
Source: Ebit Lew

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