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9 Things Only Malaysians Confirm Do at Shopping Malls



9 Things Only Malaysians Do at the Mall - WORLD OF BUZZ 4
Source: Philstar

With more and more malls popping up everywhere around the Klang Valley, it’s no wonder we spend a lot of our time chilling in malls. It’s a great place to visit to get away from this PMS Malaysian weather and window shopping keeps us busy and active! The fully air-conditioned building also keeps us cool and comfy!

Plus, if you spend a lot of time in malls, you’ve probably seen some pretty common things Malaysians tend to do while shopping. Here are some that you might be familiar with:

1. Asking for plastic bags at the counter on no-plastic-bag day because we forgot to bring our own bag (again)

and then reluctantly paying 20 to 50 cents for each bag.

Many retail outlets today either don’t offer plastic bags on weekends or no longer offer them at all; but being Malaysians who’re so used to the plastic bag life, we can’t seem to get accustomed to this new way of shopping and bringing along our own bags. So we end up asking for one every time we buy something.


2. Hogging every bench/chair/stool because we can’t walk 15 minutes without taking a break

8 Things Only Malaysians Do at the Mall - WORLD OF BUZZ 1

Source: LinkedIn

Especially for all you Malaysians out there who absolutely hate shopping, the benches are your best friends. You can spend most of your time sitting there while your friend or other half goes from one shop to another. I relate to this on a spiritual level.


3. Walking around with food and/or drinks in hand because that’s how much we love to eat

9 Things Only Malaysians Do at the Mall - WORLD OF BUZZ 1

Source: Burpple

Talk about multitasking at its finest.

Whether it’s a milkshake, pretzel, or ice cream cone, we Malaysians just need to have something to munch on. Plus, it’s important to ensure our bodies have sufficient energy to walk around the entire mall, kan?


4. Joining a super long queue even though we don’t know what promo is on

8 Things Only Malaysians Do at the Mall - WORLD OF BUZZ

Source: Philstar

Because we’re kiasu like that, and we love our free stuff.

Sometimes we don’t even bother to check whether the promo is worth queuing up for. We just get in line, and wait until it’s our turn to receive our well-deserved free gift. Even if it means waiting for an hour. Anything for free stuff!


5. Lingering around the grocery/food section to hunt for free samples

“Free” and “food” are probably some of Malaysians’ favourite four-letter words. Combine these two together and you’ll get a very happy Malaysian. Also, for some odd reason, free food testers always taste really good!


6. Trying to ask for further discounts from retail stores

8 Things Only Malaysians Do at the Mall - WORLD OF BUZZ 3

When it comes to shopping in malls, although there is practically no point in haggling, Malaysians still try to do it. They bargain, and bargain, and bargain with the shopkeeper (who isn’t even in charge of pricing) to give them a better deal despite the many times the shopkeeper says “no”. This one not pasar malam you know.


7. We window shop for hours and leave without getting a single thing

8 Things Only Malaysians Do at the Mall - WORLD OF BUZZ 6

Source: Malaysia.my

You probably spent more on parking than anything else.

At times, Malaysians can be pretty kedekut when it comes to spending money. Hence, it’s no surprise that we tend to spend most of our time in malls just walking around and window shopping instead of buying anything.


8. Queuing at Express Counters even though we have like, 20 items to pay for

8 Things Only Malaysians Do at the Mall - WORLD OF BUZZ 2

Source: WordPress

Even when the sign specifically says “five items or less”, it won’t stop us from trying our luck and queuing up there too because the queue is usually shorter and faster. Tsk tsk.


9. Taking forever in fitting rooms because we’re busy taking 387,928 selfies

8 Things Only Malaysians Do at the Mall - WORLD OF BUZZ 8

Source: Instagram

We all know, or follow that one friend on Instagram, who always posts fitting room selfies of themselves trying on clothes. Sometimes, we are that friend, and this is why fitting rooms in malls are always crowded. What to do? No money to buy, so I take photos lor.

Well, if you’ve ever dreamt of owning the expensive clothing you try on in fitting rooms for FREE, your dreams are about to come true!

The ‘All I Want for Christmas‘ contest by Lee Jeans is going to give all you fitting room selfie pros a chance to win whatever ensemble you try on in Lee Jeans’ stores!

All you have to do is:

  1. Follow @LeeJeansMY on Instagram
  2. Visit a Lee Jeans flagship store in 1 Utama, Sunway Pyramid or Mid Valley
  3. Pick a shirt and a pair of jeans, then put them on in the fitting room
  4. Snap the most creative photo/video/boomerang of yourself in the outfit
  5. Upload it to Instagram (make sure your account is public) with the hashtag #XmasLeeJeansMY 

2017 MTV Video Music Awards vmas video music awards mtv vmas 2017 thats it GIF

Three of the most creative photo/video/boomerang will be announced after Christmas and all three winners will walk away with the outfit they tried on! Talk about the best Christmas present ever!

Hurry though! Contest ends 24 December 2017!

Find out more about Lee Jeans and the ‘All I Want for Christmas’ contest here!

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