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9 Types of People at House Parties



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House parties are the best thing ever. There is no need to pay for overpriced drinks, yelling over loud music, or losing your friends in the endless sea of people. It’s a time to chill back, mingle among friends, play drinking games and more booze. With any house party, there will be bound to be these type of people you will meet:

1. The Bartender


As the name implies, the bartender is the person who mixes drinks for you and everyone else in the party. Don’t be deceived by this kind gesture, the bartender has every intention to get you drunk.


2. The Drinker


Before entering the house, you can already hear them go “Dude, down this!” or “Eh, drink la!” from the outside. These are the ones who always have a cup in their hands and would challenge anyone to a drink off. The drinkers always carry an abnormally high confidence of being the best drinkers at the party and will not stop until they are down. They can get a little annoying when drinks are shoved to you, one cup after the other.


3. The Drunks


Be it tipsy, or they are already at the point where they just talk in slurs, drunks are the norms at any house party. You’re in the best state of mind to let everything go, just be free and partyyyyy.

Although, being Asian may put you in a disadvantage of the: Asian Flush.


You’ll tell your friends you are not drunk, you’re just red, and no one will believe you. You give up. The cycle repeats.

There are also the type of drunks that are in denial:



4. The Sober


WIth any house party, there will be that one person who doesn’t want to drink. It’s either that they have to drive home, or wake up early the next morning, or not drink at all, being sober can actually be quite fun, as you watch your friends go crazy.


5. Party Crashers


Or more notoriously known as, the self-invites. There’s a fine line between these two, and it’s only whether they add more life to the party, or are just trying to leech your alcohol. Party crashers are mostly fun and will make things more exciting because they are usually not in your regular circle of friends. Although, things could turn south if they crashed the wrong party.


6. The One that Makes Himself at Home


There’s always that one friend that just knows how to make himself comfortable. Before you know it, he is raiding your fridge for food, checking your cabinets for snacks, drinking that last soda you’ve been saving. Hey! Give me back my Nutella jar.



7. The Hot Friend


Some nice eye candy addition to the party is always a plus.


8. The Knocked Outs


The world is your bed. The KOs can sleep literally anywhere, from the living room couch, to the floor, and even sidewalks. Not forgetting ofcourse, their main habitat, the toilet.



9. The Overdresser


One of the best things about a house party is that you can dress in nice yet casual clothes. It is understandable if you want to look good, but *cough* trying too hard maybe?


That looks really hot, and i meant I’m literally sweating just by looking at it.


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