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97yo Grandma Earns a Living by Selling Fruits All by Herself Despite Being Weak & Fragile



This 97yo Grandma Sells Fruits on Her Own to Earn a Living Even Though She Has a Bad Memory - WORLD OF BUZZ
Source: Facebook

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A Facebook user recently shared the heartbreaking story of an old grandma who sells fruits all on her own just to earn some money to put food on the table.

The Singaporean grandma, who is 97 years old, buys fruits, potatoes, ginger and other food items from Sheng Shiong supermarket and re-sells them at a slightly higher price.

But because they are more expensive, no one is willing to buy from her as they’d rather get the items at a cheaper price from Sheng Shiong supermarket itself.

Source: Facebook

Given that she is almost 100 years old, this grandma is weak and fragile and doesn’t have a very good memory. Yet she makes an effort to come out every Friday, Saturday and Sunday and opens her stall along the first floor of Thomson VTwo corridor.

She pushes a heavy trolley to the location by herself three times a week and sits by her stall, hoping that customers would buy her food.

She told the Facebook user that because of her old age, she cannot see or hear very well and often forgets things very easily. She said that she might not remember her customers when they buy her food and drinks, but she does feel very happy for that short moment when a customer approaches her.

She said she blames herself when she can’t remember her customers.

Source: Facebook

The Facebook user then urges people to support this grandma in helping her earn her daily allowance so that she can eat.

However, a few hours after the post went up, many approached the Facebook user saying that the woman is actually well taken care of.

“Many have reached out to me regarding this post stating that she is well taken care of(which is glad to hear) and some even claim that she is filthy rich, and that she does this because she wants to,” he said.

“Even if she’s well taken care of or filthy rich as some claim, shouldn’t we just support the spirit in her and her willingness to still earn money by herself at this age?”

“Some say that she sells at a ridiculous price. But remember, she won’t force you to buy. She will still give you that sweet smile of hers even if you reject. So, buy of your own will and do good.”

Well, whether she is well taken care of or not, I’m sure there’s no harm in helping this grandma nevertheless. So, if you’re living in Singapore, please show your kindness to this grandma and help her in any way you can. She might not remember you, but you would definitely make her very happy.


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