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9yo Creates A Work of Art From Snippets of P. Ramlee’s Movies & M’sians Are Loving It!



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P. Ramlee is a legendary icon to most of us Malaysians as he is the most versatile actor from the golden days of the film industry.

This proud Malaysian mother, Noor Sarah Reza (@nsarahr90), took to her Twitter to share one of P.Ramlee’s youngest fans, her son, Rayyan Irfan Chai.

Speaking to World of Buzz, Sarah tells us that Rayyan is her ‘partner in art’ as they are both artists who work hand-in-hand together and have a strong passion for art.

“Both Rayyan and I have an art booth at the Artists’ Corner in Amcorp Mall every Saturday and Sunday. However, due to the ongoing MCO, we are currently closed,” Sarah told World of Buzz.

“Now, we turn our artwork into various merchandise such as art cards (reprints of original works), magnets, tote bags, notebooks, and more,” she explained.

When asked about how Rayyan developed a fondness for P. Ramlee, she explains that it all started after Rayyan watched his first P. Ramlee movie ‘Ahmad Albab’.

“He came across it by chance thinking it was an advertisement as it was black and white. He then realised it was a black and white movie and stayed on to watch!” she explained.

Sarah continued to explain that he loved the movie as he found P.Ramlee hilarious and some scenes ended up lingering in his mind.

“About a week ago, he initially decided to do a painting about historical events in Malaysia and the first thing he drew was a scene from the P. Ramlee movie ‘Ahmad Albab’!” Sarah said.

Besides P. Ramlee, Rayyan gets inspired by anything that he deems interesting. Be it Legos, Outerspace, history… almost everything! Take a look at some of his artwork! 

Here is one of the ongoing pandemic that Rayyan summarised in his artwork…

And this is one of his first painted artwork pieces…amazing! 

These are some artworks done by Rayyan on tote bags!

So talented! We’re impressed!

If you would like to purchase any of Rayyan’s artwork and merchandise, you can check out Sarah and Rayyan’s Instagram page by clicking here: @senisara.my.

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