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A Noodle Restaurant in KL Scammed Woman With a “Happy CNY” Extra Charge of RM0.50 Per Item



Woman Shares How a Restaurant in KL Billed Her a "Happy CNY" - WORLD OF BUZZ 1
Source: June Lim's Facebook

Chinese New Year (or Lunar New Year internationally) is a warm and hopeful time for friends and family to gather and catch up. These gatherings often happen at restaurants and eateries to cater to the convenience of large crowds.

What if these restaurants overcharge for no reason at all?

A Facebook netizen who is known as June Lim shared her experience of being charged RM0.50 extra for EACH ITEM, and apparently, for no reason at all. She visited the noodle restaurant on 31 January, which was also the seventh day of Chinese New Year, and she discovered how her bill had been overcharged.

After checking the receipt, only had she noticed that there was a mysterious “HAPPY CNY” item listed below the items she ordered. The “HAPPY CNY” item costed RM2.50, so she quickly confronted the lady boss about it.

However, her inquiry did not meet with a reasonable response when the boss told her “It’s a New Year charge, RM0.50 per item”. June responded with “How can you charge like this?”, and the boss immediately slammed her by with the most absurd response.

“We’ve been this way for more than ten years. If you don’t want (to be charged), we can give the money back to you”.

Woman Shares How a Restaurant in KL Billed Her a "Happy CNY" - WORLD OF BUZZ 2

In her Facebook post, June expressed that shops and restaurants should not charge extra according to their liking. She also described how the cashier didn’t provide a receipt upon payment until June requested it. Not only that she thought the food was expensive, there were also missing items from her order!

She wants to remind everyone to check their receipt before agreeing to make any payments because you won’t know when absurd things like this will happen.

Netizens had also advised her to report this case to the Ministry of Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs as restaurants are absolutely not allowed to charge as they like.

“Report the restaurant! You can report with your receipt. It’s absurd, what did she mean by doing this for more than a decade!?”

“Report them to the Consumer Affairs, otherwise, they will repeat this next year.”

Yikes, can’t imagine this restaurant hadn’t been reported for the past 10 years since they claimed they had been doing it for a decade! Let this incident serve as a reminder for all of us to always check the receipt before we pay.


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A Noodle Restaurant in KL Scammed Woman a "Happy CNY" Extra Charge with RM0.50 Per Item - WORLD OF BUZZ