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A Woman In Thailand Froze To Death In Her Sleep Because Of Abrupt Temperature Changes



Woman From Thailand Froze to Death in Her Sleep Because She Didn't Have a Blanket On - WORLD OF BUZZ 3
Source: Oriental Daily

It’s sweater weather in South East Asia, and for the folks who like it cold and snuggly, we know you’ve been enjoying big time.

Some parts of Thailand had been reported to be experiencing abrupt changes in temperature, especially in northern Thailand where the temperature had dipped below 10°C recently. Chaiyaphum, being one of the northern provinces in the country, had a case were a woman froze to death in her sleep.

According to Oriental Daily, the 57-year-old deceased was found dead at 7 am on 11 December. Investigations had shown that her death may be due to the small stand fan that was turned on throughout the night. Not only that the woman wasn’t using any blankets to keep herself warm, but she was also wearing a black singlet and a pair of shorts!

When the police arrived at her home, they noticed that the fan was still turned on, while the deceased was lying rigidly on her mattress. The sad news is that this woman is the 5th person to have frozen to death in their sleep in Chaiyaphum in this cold season!

The deceased elder sister mentioned that she had drunk some alcohol during dinner before she headed to bed, however, the sister felt something strange when the deceased didn’t get up to make breakfast the next morning. As she went to check on the deceased, she was shocked to find her dead. Therefore, the sister called the police for help and the rest is history.

It’s heartbreaking to see incidents like this happening. Keep yourselves warm, guys. The weather is definitely not something to be taken lightly of.

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Woman From Thailand Froze to Death in Her Sleep Because She Didn't Have a Blanket On - WORLD OF BUZZ 2