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Abandoned Dog Gets Attacked by Strays at Night While Faithfully Waiting for Owner



Abandoned Dog Faithfully Waits for Owner, Even After Attacked by Strays at Night in Taiping - World Of Buzz 1
Source: Facebook

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This is the reason why humans don’t deserve dogs, they’re too good for us.

Days ago, a sad-looking dog was spotted by the public at the roadside and many believe that this poor dog has been abandoned by its heartless owner. The two-year-old brown dog with a collar on its neck was seen in Taman Bukit Mas in Taiping, Perak, according to Sinchew.

For three days, this faithful dog stayed put beside an electric pole while looking at every single car that passed by. Clearly the dog was hoping for its owner to return for it and bring it home. Sadly, that hasn’t happen yet although netizens have shared this post on social media.

Source: Facebook

Source: Facebook

After enduring the scorching hot sun and chilly rain, this dog grew restless and got stressed out. It became emotionally unstable and would bark fiercely at strangers when approached by them.

Source: Facebook

Things took a turn for the worse as the locals said that it was attacked by some stray dogs at night, and it was in a pretty bad shape, mentally and physically. Still, the faithful dog refused to move, just in case the owner comes back for it.

Many local residents were concerned about the well-being of the dog and did what they could to help out. Some of them provided containers filled with water and food while others laid out newspapers so that it doesn’t rest on the steaming hot road during the day.

Animal-lovers tried to relocate the dog to a safer place as they were worried about its health and safety. However, the dog was too shaken to let anyone near it. At that moment, the best thing they could do was to keep monitoring it whereas removing it would only be the last resort.

Besides that, they also urged the owner to bring the dog home as it won’t listen to anyone but the owner, not even when its health is deteriorating due to the harsh environment. Honestly, I rather send the dog to a shelter instead of sending it back to its irresponsible owner.

To the dog owner, if you’re reading this, we hope you’d bring it home and shower it with love and affection that it deserves.


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