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Add Maths Tuition Teacher Tweets He “Wants To F**k His Student”. Netizens Plan to Make Police Report



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Source: Twitter

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We came across this post on twitter:

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Source: Twitter

Twitter user @puteragelap91 posted a photo believed to be one of his female students which her face hidden by an emoji sticker. His caption reads:

“I want to f**k my own student.”

Excuse me, what the actual fuck?

Malaysian Tutor Tweets That He "Wants To Fxxk His Student", Furious Netizens Plans to Lodge Police Report - WORLD OF BUZZ

No need to rub your eyes, you read those words right. We cannot be sure if the photo was real at all, but this account vanished from Twitter the moment the tweet blew up.

Netizens were furious upon seeing this tweet and began searching for the person behind @puteragelap91. Many of them left comments condemning the act, because the student was only 16 (Form 4), and the person behind this tweet was probably a tutor who preys on innocent students.

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Source: Twitter

This netizen figured out the female student’s age based on the Form 4 add maths textbook, and he called the tutor a paedophile.

One netizen was alarmed about this issue announced she was going to lodge a police report the next day (which is today, 18 August). Many supported her and even notified her that “@puteragelap91” had changed his Twitter handle to “@sanasinisitubro“. We cannot confirm this as the account is set to private.

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Source: Twitter

Elle also added that she was sexually harassed by her tutor neighbour 22 years ago, making her extra determined to make sure creeps like this don’t victimise another student.

Others helped to spread the news by retweeting and commenting on the matter, hoping to expose the irresponsible and unprofessional tutor ASAP.

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Source: Twitter

Someone allegedly obtained his photo and shared it amongst the replies, although the face was covered (again).

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We can’t be 100% sure if this tweet was a joke, but there’s a chance a potential sex offender is waiting to lay his hands on a student.

Child sex abusers are absolutely disgusting. Let’s hope the authorities take this into their own hands and find out the truth.

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