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Adorable Doggo Goes Viral After Pictured Patiently Waiting For His Turn To ‘Buy’ Nasi Lemak



Source: Nasi Lemak Jambatan Tamparuli Facebook

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There’s nothing Malaysians wouldn’t do for their love for food. Even if it means queuing up for hours to wait for our favourite local dishes. And it looks like this doggo here truly Malaysian and is no exception!

Doggo patiently waits in line for his turn.

An adorable doggo recently won the hearts of netizens after he was pictured patiently waiting in line for his turn to purchase food from a famous Nasi Lemak stall in Sarawak, Nasi Lemak Jambatan Tamparuli.

The caption reads, “I don’t want rice. I just want fried chicken. I’ve waited for quite some time now.”

The stall is a popular hot spot for many locals and it seems as though our furry friend didn’t want to miss out on the opportunity of tasting the acclaimed nasi lemak that’s currently going viral in the state! As you can tell from his stance, he’s mostly motivated by the fried chicken. When he finally reaches the front of the line, the patient puppy shares a hilariously wholesome conversation with the stall owner:

Sitting obediently, the doggo politely asks, “One nasi lemak please brother, how much is one pack?”

The hungry doggo is very serious about making his purchase, “Do you think I have no money? Why are you looking here and there?”

The owner finally gives in to the famished pooch, “RM2 for one pack, ok?”

“Wait first bro, let me check my pocket to see if I have enough money,” said the earnest pup.

In a turn of events, the poor doggo realises he forgot to bring cash. He cheekily exclaims, “Alamakkk, I don’t have cash. E-wallet can?”

The disappointed doggo realises there’s no way for him to pay for his purchase and laments his loss, “Cannot lah bro, I thought here can use e-wallet or Sarawak Pay.”

Thankfully, it all worked out in the end! The cute doggo shoots a happy grin at the camera after receiving a free piece of fried chicken.

The author of the post jokingly penned that this “Abang long (big brother) doggo initially visited the premise to collect protection money but the irresistible aroma of the nasi lemak and spicy chicken kept him hungry and up at night.”

What a wholesome end to this hilarious tale. It’s making us crave some of that nasi lemak right now! What do you guys think of this? 


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