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Adorable Golden Retriever With Rare Genetic Mutation Captures The Hearts Of Netizens



Source: Instagram/Enzo Viola

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Look at this special and adorable golden retriever!

Enzo Viola is a golden retriever owned by a family in Texas, United States. What makes him unique is that he was born with an uncommon black splotch of fur caused by a genetic mutation on the left side of his face.

According to Mirror, one of Enzo’s owner Clarissa Castro said that the mutation doesn’t affect any part of Enzo except for his looks.

“We got to meet Enzo and his brothers and we instantly fell in love with Enzo not just because of his distinctive marking but because he was the sweetest and most playful puppy.” Clarissa added.

Apparently, the black mark was not the only thing that won the hearts of the family.

Clarissa said that there is so much to enjoy while spending time with Enzo, “One of my favourite things is that he often falls asleep while tugging on a toy, he’ll just slowly lay down and rest with the toy in his mouth,” she said.

Besides, Enzo also has an Instagram account, with 185k followers at the time of writing! “English Cream with a lil Freckle,” says the description of his account. He has garnered fans from all around the world with his adorable looks and loving personality.

The owners update Enzo’s pictures often, as well as videos of him dozing off, going on a road trip and playing outside at the yard.

Here is a picture of Enzo when he was younger. How adorable!

Pictures and videos of cute animals on social media always warm our hearts.

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