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Adult Film Sites Report Significant Interest In Covid-19 Themed Videos, Hazmat Suits & Face Masks Included



Source: Vice

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The coronavirus has been causing utter chaos across the globe as many flock to supermarkets to panic buy and stock their homes with enough food to last through the spread.

Some people would normally take advantage of times like this, such as those who sold face masks for prices too high to be reasonable.

But there seems to be one industry that’s having fun with the spread of the Covid-19 bug, which is the porn industry.

As according to Vice, pornographic websites are now offering coronavirus themed videos after seeing a growing interest for Covid-19 related porn by their users.

Source: Vice

Over 112 videos featuring sexually-explicit content where hazmat suits and face masks are involved are shown when the term ‘coronavirus’ is searched on Pornhub. Apparently, a performer-creator duo for the platform, Spicy x Rice, told Vice that they made a Covid-19 pornographic video specially for those stuck in Wuhan, the epicentre of the outbreak.

“We personally know people actually stuck in Wuhan and made it with them in mind,” said Spicy, one half of the duo.

“We are all searching for things that make us come alive. Covid-19 is something that brings fear and mystery to pretty much everyone in the world right now. You need to be able to feel something, and what better way to make you feel something than the global crisis we are all in right now.”

Source: GulfNews

A spokesperson for another platform, xHamster, told Vice that they have received an overwhelming amount of sign-ups from people in regions severely affected by the Wuhan virus. They tried to assist by offering free premium accounts to users in those areas, though the demand became so enormous that the website had difficulties approving the new sign-ups in time.

It is also reported that there are individuals videotaping themselves, claiming to be quarantined, using the opportunity to earn money from these pornographic platforms.

Well, sorry Malaysians, as interesting as coronavirus-themed porn sounds, it’s no secret that pornographic sites are blocked in our country.

So, we’re just going to have to use our imagination. 


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