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AG Tommy Thomas Is Looking Into Reopening Atlantuya’s Murder Case Due to New Evidence



Attorney General Tommy Thomas Will Look Into Reopening Atlantuya's Murder Case In Light Of New Evidences - WORLD OF BUZZ
Source: TheStar &SMH>

We’re back again with the murder case that rocked our nation 13 years ago but was unfortunately closed due to lack of evidence. It was something that made Malaysia infamous as the case progression and the powerful names associated to case made it a tough one to crack. The most powerful implicated was our former Prime Minister, Najib Razak. The case recently got a shocking update last week that may call for a fresh investigation into the death of Altantuya Shaariibuu.

On the 16th of December, former police guard for Najib Razak, Azilah Hadri made a declaration that he was instructed by the former Prime Minister and his friend Abdul Razak Baginda to murder Atlantuya as she was a foreign spy.

Shortly after, Najib Razak disputed the claim saying that it was rubbish, and if it was true, why wasn’t the truth revealed earlier. And last Friday, in an iconic move, he even made a sumpah laknat saying that he swore he never ordered anyone to kill Atlantuya. However, Attorney-General Tommy Thomas told Free Malaysia Today that he is looking into reopening the case as Shaariibuu Setev, Atlantuya’s father, has been waiting over a decade for justice and he hopes that the new government will handle the case properly.

“Everybody knew that it just did not make sense for the two of them to be solely culpable, so we knew that the story was incomplete.”

Source: TheStar

He added that with Azilah’s statement, there is more for the police to investigate as Azilah is also seeking a retrial. Shaariibuu Setev, on the other hand, doesn’t wish for the two men convicted to face the death penalty as it would simply be a way of eliminating evidence. He’s also currently seeking donations to help cover the legal fees. In a powerful final statement, Shaariibuu just said that it’s up to Malaysia to resolve this and it’s a matter of our reputation and our court system’s reputation.

With this case reopening, we hope to find more evidence being uncovered and maybe, just maybe the truth will finally be revealed in this convoluted case. In that way, Atlantuya’s family will finally get the closure they need and deserve.


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