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Another Launderette With ‘Muslim-Friendly’ Policy Spotted in Perlis



Source: Sinchew

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The controversial Muslim-only launderette in Johor has garnered nationwide attention last week and it was finally put to rest after the Johor Sultan ordered the sign to be removed. However, another launderette with similar exclusivity was recently spotted in another state.

According to Sinchew, this Muslim-friendly launderette was spotted in Perlis and it has been confirmed by MCA Titi Tinggi assemblyman, Khaw Hock Kong

Khaw, who was informed by members of the public regarding the launderette, personally visited the launderette in order to authenticate the information. This outlet is located in Kampung Bakau, Perlis and it’s currently in operation.

Source: Sinchew

‘Islamic Laundry Concept’ was written on top of the shop. Besides, he also noticed two signs saying ‘This laundry is dedicated to Muslims only’ on both sides of the wall.

Source: Sinchew

It was understood that some non-Muslim customers have clarified with the employee there after seeing the sign, and the on-duty worker was friendly and polite in explaining the situation to the customers.

Although non-Muslims are allowed to enter the shop, they are forbidden from using the machines in the launderette.

Khaw expressed his concern over such business policy as it might prompt other launderettes in the country to introduce similar rules. This in turn will cripple our government’s effort in promoting unity and tolerance among the rakyat.

Source: Twitter

This issue received mixed reactions from both Muslim and non-Muslim netizens.

Some Muslims reckoned that this launderette owner is just doing his/her duty as a Muslim, while others deemed this concept as unnecessary.

On the other hand, some non-Muslims feel that it doesn’t affect them as they can easily be a patron of another launderette, while others feel that such concept is not suitable in a multiracial country like Malaysia.

If we can lepak in mamak stall together, I’m sure we can discuss about this in a polite manner. So guys, be nice in the comment section yeah. 


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