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Another Victim from S.Korea Reveals How He Was Scammed by Sunway Pyramid’s Lenovo Staff



Another Victim from S.Korea Allegedly Scammed by Sunway Pyramid's Lenovo Staff - World Of Buzz

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Just 2 weeks ago, a student who sent her laptop to Lenovo Sunway Pyramid was scammed for RM150 for ‘checking fee’ by a staff working there. After the incident went viral on social media, Lenovo Malaysia has conducted an internal investigation.

The staff later refunded the money to the victim and apologised for cheating her money. He also admitted that it was his own doing for charging the ‘checking fee’ and that it wasn’t the company’s rule as he earlier claimed. 

But just 2 weeks later, another individual has reached out to WORLD OF BUZZ complaining that he had too fallen to the same scam before.

Lee from South Korea shares his dissatisfaction that the same staff cheated him and his girlfriend.

“I’ve been staying in Malaysia for 9 years. I used to have very good impression on all Malaysians, until I met this idiot.

“I have evidence of him swearing and threatening me and my girlfriend. I even took a picture of him!”

Source: Lee

The oppa brought his laptop to the store for a check-up because the screw at the bottom was rusty.

“He didn’t say a word when I asked him about the price but I entrusted him with my laptop. I went back to the shop again on the time he set.

“However, he wanted me to pay him RM300 just for the screw. And the worse part was, he didn’t even replace the rusty screw! It was still the same rusty screw on the laptop!”

Source: Internet


When Lee demanded for a receipt, the staff outright refused to do so. He claims that it was under ‘labour cost’. The man even had the audacity to mock the South Korean.

“He insulted me by saying ‘You don’t have money to pay is it?’

“Eventually I got the receipt with RM30 written on it. Then he had the audacity to offer me a discounted price at RM200.

“I seriously couldn’t communicate with him as I felt like I was talking to a wall.”

“He then threatened and cursed me and my girlfriend. After the incident, I’ve told my fellow Korean friends not to visit that shop anymore.”

Looks like the staff is seriously jeapordising Lenovo Malaysia and should seriously be sacked.


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