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Are Rashes On Your Toes A New Covid-19 Symptom You Should Be Worried About?



Source: Nikkei Asian Review & Forbes

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Common Covid-19 symptoms most know of are fever, dry cough and fatigue. Less common symptoms include sore throat, diarrhoea and even a loss of taste and smell. However, as we’re all well aware of, Covid-19 can also present itself as asymptomatic.

Boston dermatologist Esther Freeman reported some patients are worried that they have “Covid toes” where your toes will appear red, sore and sometimes itchy, swellings will appear as well.

Should you be worried if your toes look like this?

Well, if your ONLY symptom seems to be toes, don’t rush to get tested. Dr Humberto Choi said that while these symptoms are definitely unusual and attention-grabbing, they also haven’t appeared regularly.

“It’s important for everyone to know that the most common symptoms for COVID-19 are really respiratory symptoms and symptoms that are similar to those of the flu. For example, a dry cough, heavy fever and feeling tired.”

He added that this is actually quite common for people to get rashes when they’re battling this type of infection, especially viral respiratory ones. This may happen with other viral infections like measles and sometimes even antibiotics may cause rashes. However, he did add that during this pandemic if you are experiencing a specific symptom, it’s best to get yourself tested.

The panic over “Covid toes” began when dermatologists in an Italian hospital evaluated 88 Covid -19 patients and found 1 in 5 had some sort of skin symptom typically over their toes. In another case report, a 23-year-old student in Belgium who had contracted Covid-19 developed induced chilblains over the toes. Chilblains are painful inflammation of small blood vessels in your skin that occur in response to repeated exposure to cold but not freezing air

If you have reasons to believe that you’ve been exposed to the virus, get yourself tested immediately. Whether or not “Covid-toes” will be recognized as an official symptom, we’ll have to wait for further confirmation. Meanwhile, stay home and stay safe!


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