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Are Shoes Considered an Investment? M’sian Millennials Weigh In On Why The Sneaker Culture is So Popular



Source: Yen_tsang & Streetwearmajor

Over the years, the sneaker game has risen in popularity. And as its fame rises, so do the price tags. Nowadays, there are shoes that cost as much as your rent and it’s even considered an ‘investment’.

So, we head out to ask some of our fellow Malaysian millennials for their opinions on the sneaker culture and whether or not it is a good investment.


The origins of ‘sneaker culture’ 

Before there even was a ‘sneaker culture’ or ‘hypebeasts’, the sneakers we have come to know and love originated as footwear for athletes, especially in basketball.

Michael Jordan in his heydays

Fast forward through the decades, the shoes have rapidly grown in fame when popular athletes (like Michael Jordan) and celebrities (especially in hip hop culture) began sporting fancy kicks, making it a crowd-favourite especially in street style.

Rapper Nelly wearing cool kicks in one of his music videos

Apart from mainstream pop culture, the rise of sneakers is also accredited with the emergence of the ‘athleisure’ trend.

ICYMI, ‘athleisure’ is basically a style that incorporates activewear into our daily wardrobe so we can be comfortable in our everyday life.


How shoes started becoming an investment

Now, the main question still stands: how did something originally meant for leisurewear gain a status of luxury?

It comes down to one thing: hype. Since we’re willing to spend hundreds or sometimes thousands on shoes, brands are spending more money now than ever to fuel the hype around their sneakers. And in this era of social media influencers, it’s even easier for brands to influence us in our everyday lives.

In 2016, it was recorded that the sneaker industry was valued at 55 billion dollars.

One of the main reasons for that is limited edition sneakers. Brands are now using a marketing strategy based on a very simple supply-and-demand philosophy. Lessen the supply, create tons of hype around said supply, and watch as demand overflows.

But if you’re a budding sneakerhead, you should know that not all sneakers will hold its value over time. So it’s much better for you to choose good quality sneakers that are sustainable and made from premium materials that can last you a long time.

One such brand you can check out that produces shoes that are both stylish and sustainable is Timberland and their new Madbury collection. It might cost you a bit more but just think of all the OOTD’s you’ll get out of it! You’ll be helping mother nature too!

Sustainable shoes have become all the rage right now!


Should millennials be investing in shoes?

Speaking to a few Malaysian millennials and self-proclaimed sneakerheads, we asked what they think of this trend. Kevin, 27, is a proud collector of sneakers and a believer that what you wear on your feet may define your whole image. “Instead of looking at a guy’s watch, I sometimes look at their shoes. If a guy’s wearing a really limited edition pair of kicks, he automatically earns my respect haha.

Meanwhile, Azim, 31, has been collecting sneakers for over 10 years. “I’ve camped overnight outside a store, I’ve paid double the price for a pair of limited-edition sneakers… I’ve done it all!” he said.

For illustration purposes only

“I like to get sneakers that I know would hold their value. This way, I’d have the option of selling them and getting something out of it. So, yes, it’s definitely kind of an investment.”

Speaking of which, if you’re on the lookout for new, high-quality kicks, you might want to check out this really cool, new collection that was recently released by Timberland.

Called the ‘Madbury‘, not only does this pair have a really cool design, but they’re also made from sustainable materials, making it eco-friendly!

If you’re not caught up with ‘sustainable fashion‘, it’s basically a type of ethical fashion that avoids damaging our environment. In the case of the Madbury, the design incorporates:

  • Responsibly-sourced materials such as the environmentally-conscious Better Leather
  • Timberland’s very own ReBOTL™ fabric that is made with at least 50% recycled plastic bottles

This drop is also part of Timberland’s Nature Needs Heroes campaign that focuses on environmental responsibility.

As for the design, you really can’t help but notice the dramatic boot-style silhouette that is inspired by their classic 6″ boots. Complete with oversized logo branding and vibrant pops of colours throughout the design, this revamped design gives the Madbury a more modern and youthful style.

Don’t these look absolutely stunning???

The Madbury comes in various colours, suited for both males and females. Just look at how versatile and stylish the shoes look, aren’t these perfect to dress up your outfits?

Can you imagine how good these will look on you? 

You’ll be glad to know that these shoes have already been released and are now up for grabs at all Timberland stores with prices ranging from RM439 to RM569!

If you want to know more about the Madbury, you can simply head over to Timberland’s website here.


Ultimately, the sneaker culture certainly holds a very promising future with the value estimated to rise even more in coming years. Whether it is a good investment is up to your own judgement, but one thing is for sure: it certainly won’t hurt your style if you love to collect them!


Any sneakerheads here? Tell us what you think of the sneaker culture below!

Source: Forbes

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