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Are You Obsessed with Your Pets? You Can Now Make Slippers That Look Exactly Like Them!



Source: Cuddle Clones

On a scale of 1 to 10, how obsessed are you with your pets?

We found a perfect site that allows you pet enthusiasts to customise indoor slippers to look exactly the same as your pets!

For some people, their pets are the rulers of the household and the hoomans are basically slaves. Some hoomans also think that their pets are the cutest creatures in the universe, and it is IMPORTANT to have slippers that look like their bulldogs or tuxedo cats so they can be around their pets all the time.

Look at the uncanny resemblance, hopefully the hoomans wouldn’t mistake the slippers as their pets!

Here are more photos, just look at the wholesomeness!

What if you’re not a cat/dog parent? Fret not, they provide almost every single kind of pet you can own, ranging from an alpaca to a kangaroo, or a SKUNK to a wolf! (We’re not joking because admin already checked it for you.)

You can get these custom-made slippers on Cuddle Clones, an American website that supports animal shelters with every sale made. Each pair of slippers cost a whopping 199USD (approximately RM826), and if you’re willing to splurge to show off your love for your pets, isn’t this the perfect chance to do so?

Regardless of the “pet cloning” business, we do think that they did an awesome job in making these slippers that actually look like the pets. 

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