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ASICS Created a Face Mask So Breathable, They Claim You Can Drink Water Through It



Source: ASICS

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If you’re a sports junkie but are wary of the pandemic getting to you during your workout session outdoors, this is just the thing for you.

We all know that running or jogging while wearing a face mask is rather annoying because you can’t breathe properly, which is essential during physical activities. That’s why Japanese sportswear company ASICS came up with a face mask so advanced, you can breathe normally and effortlessly while wearing it.

Not just that, ASICS claims that the face mask is so breathable, you can actually drink water through it! Check out a first look of the face mask from ASICS’ official Twitter here:

For something so high-tech, you’d think ASICS would have some sort of incredibly sophisticated name for it, but it’s only blandly called the ASICS Runners Face Cover.

According to ASICS official product page, the Face Cover was designed to provide runners “with performance, comfort, and protection at the core of the design.

The most eye-catching paragraph from the product page has got to be this one:

“The masks antibacterial quick-drying material helps cool the air that reaches its interior and it even allows runners to drink water while running.”

However, ASICS didn’t actually attach any photos of people drinking water through the face cover, so we just have to imagine it ourselves.

Besides this feature, here are the other features of the product:

  • Interior space creates more room inside the mask to allow for easier breathing when running
  • Strategically-placed air vents on the masks increase airflow while preventing the spread of droplets
  • Quick-drying fabric cools the air flowing into the mouth and helps reduce the risk of heatstroke!
  • Comfort fit specifically designed to accommodate a wide range of faces with an adjustable fit
  • Sustainable designed with approximately 31% recycled materials

Sounds cool, right? It would be available on ASICS’ international website starting mid-September and is priced at a whopping £35 or approximately RM200.

ASICS Malaysia has reached out to us regarding the launch and pricing of this product and it seems that it’ll be much cheaper here at RM169. It will be available in Malaysia starting mid-November and you can purchase it via ASICS Malaysia online shop then.


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Source: ASICS
Source: ASICS

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