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“At one point, you won’t be laku!” M’sian Man Says Girls Have To Marry Early Or They’ll Regret It



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It’s one of those days that got you wondering why people don’t practice the concept of ‘if you have nothing nice to say, don’t say anything at all’?

Let’s indulge in some celebrity gossip for a brief moment, shall we? So, popular Malaysian actress, host and entrepreneur, Neelofa was apparently courted by PU Riz a.k.a. Muhammad Haris Mohd Ismail’s family for marriage purposes. The visit was reportedly a “merisik” ceremony which is a traditional Malay ritual prior to an engagement between a man and a woman. The Internet rejoiced of the combo between the 31-year-old  actress and the 25-year-old preacher.

Neelofa in her new niqab avatar

Now, instead of just joining in the happiness, an Internet user decided to chime in with his comment about the “time limit” a women has.


“So Neelofa, 31 allegedly got engaged to PU Riz, 25, who is six years younger than her. This is proof that girls have their time limit. At one point, you won’t be ‘worthy’ when you’re ageing. That’s why your mothers always ask you when are you going to get married.”

“It’s okay to be picky but if you’re too picky, you will end up not getting your Prince Charming or dream girl whether it’s Fattah Amin or the Kelantan Sultan. Those good looking, rich guy who according to you doesn’t reach up to your standards.’

“In the end, when you’ve aging, you’ve realised you’re reaching the end of your point. At that point, you should just take what you have.”

“You can say whatever you want but it’s a fact that you can’t run away from. You can deny this however you want but DON’T come back to this tweet five to six years from now and you see that everyone already has kids.”

“Everyone has their own family and that time you’ll realise that you’ve become an ‘andartu’ (saying used to describe an old, unmarried woman). You’ve reached your points and don’t come back to this tweet saying ‘I told you so’.”

The Twitter user even added a chart showing a woman’s fertility rate against their age and how it drops significantly as their age increases.

The user’s tweets have since been removed and while most netizens disagreed with him and mentioned that his views were sexist, a small part of Malaysians seemed to agree with him and argued that this is in fact “biology”.

Everyone needs to remember that marriage and having kids is not the ultimate goal for many women especially in 2020. Whether or not when a woman gets married when she’s 31 or when she’s 51 is completely up to her. Moving forward, before we post something on the Internet even if it’s an “unpopular opinion”, make sure to check yourself! On another note, we wish Neelofa all the best.


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