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Australian Zookeepers Fight Crocodiles With Brooms As Flash Floods Follow Bush Fires



Source: YouTube&Telegraph

Heavy rains follow as New South Wales recovers from the recent tragic fires that have raged since September last year. Australia was forced to announce road closures as the water level rising affected areas within NSW and Queensland last Friday while some towns in NSW like Orange and Dubbo remained dark with dust clouds covering the sky.

Flash Floods Follow Bush Fires, - WORLD OF BUZZ

Source: BBC

The Australian Reptile Park uploaded a video on their Facebook page documenting the process of cleaning up the facility as the rain poured down.

Source: Youtube

This flash flood is expected to hit the southern region of Australia, with no indication of whether the rains will move or suddenly stop. The flash flood, however, has affected The Australian Reptile Park the most as the rain turned roads into rivers and the staffs tried to restrain the alligators in their enclosure from escaping.

Source: Youtube

The zookeepers brought their koalas to safety as the cleaning process progressed. They added, “We had to close the park for clean-up due to the much-needed rain causing heavy flash floods we haven’t seen in 15 years!”

Source: Youtube

The water level rose beyond the gate of the alligator’s enclosure, causing the park to station a few staffs at the enclosure to monitor the alligators and restrain them from escaping.

Source: Youtube

Source: Youtube

The staffs and zookeepers spent hours cleaning up the facility before The Australian Reptile Park was opened again on Saturday 18th January 2020.

Source: Youtube

Watch their full video below:


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