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Baby Dies After Haze Causes Her to Have Shortness of Breath & Respiratory Infection



4-Month-Old Baby Dies From Respiratory Infection Caused by - WORLD OF BUZZ
Source: TribunNews & Straits Times

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A four-month-old baby died on Sunday (15 Sept) due to an acute respiratory infection (ARI) in Palembang, South Sumatra. The haze from forest fires are believed to be the cause of her death, reported CNN Indonesia.

Elsa Pitaloka started experiencing shortness of breath on Saturday (14 Sept) and when her condition became worse, she was brought to Pratama Sukajadi Hospital.

However, the hospital said they were unable to treat Elsa as they did not have the proper equipment to do so. She was then referred to Ar-Rasyid Hospital in Palembang.

Source: TribunNews

Elsa was taken to the emergency room at 11.30am and was diagnosed with a respiratory infection, but she was then referred to another doctor as Ar-Rasyid Hospital did not have the proper equipment for further treatment. A third hospital, Dr. Mohammad Hoesin Hospital (RSMH), was called but they said that there was no vacancy for Elsa and that she would have to wait.

So Elsa and her family waited all afternoon at the Ar-Rasyid emergency room while Elsa was given oxygen treatment. After all that waiting, it was only at evening when Elsa’s family was finally told that the girl could be transferred to RSMH. However, while her family was preparing to leave for the hospital, Elsa unfortunately died at 6.35pm.

Her family does not know the exact cause of Elsa’s death as she was born a healthy baby with no sickness until she suddenly began having shortness of breath.

Her autopsy results did reveal that she had contracted pneumonia which was most likely caused by breathing in smoke particles from the polluted air.

A funeral was held for Elsa on Monday morning (16 Sept) and she was buried at a public cemetery.

The haze is no joke, guys. You might not feel it but the polluted air is extremely bad for your lungs! Stay indoors, or wear a N95 mask (NOT a surgical one) if you’re outdoors!


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