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“Behaviour Doesn’t Depend on Race” Says Malay Girl About Indian Man Who Finds Her Missing Wallet



Source: Freepik & Twitter

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A Twitter post garnering over 13k likes has netizens restoring their faith in humanity. Replying under Anep’s Twitter post about sharing one’s experience with the beauty of multiethnicity in Malaysia, Aida Zafierah felt compelled to tell her story about her missing purse.

Speaking with WORLD OF BUZZ, Aida Zafierah shared that she had lost her purse on 19 August 2019 at the Mid Valley KTM station. She noticed her purse was missing when she was exiting at the Serdang KTM station.

She immediately filed a police report at 9 pm only to receive a call 3 hours later from a police station in Bandar Sunway that her purse was found. The authorities explained that a stranger had reported her missing purse but did not reveal his name.

This year, on the night of 6 June, Aida was scrolling through her Facebook Messenger and noticed that a man named Navin had messaged her the day she lost her purse. He informed her that he reported the item to the authorities. She contacted him back and thanked him for his kind gesture. Wanting to return the act of kindness with a meal, he properly declined and said that he just did what was supposed to be done.

She expressed during our interview that the media has an obsession with painting every race to be bad to the extent that positive stories get brushed off. She continued stating that a person’s bad behaviour or action depends on the person itself and not the race he or she is born into.

Aida Zafierah has been completely overwhelmed with the positive responses that she has been receiving on Twitter. Many praised Navin too, for his actions.

With Independence Day nearing, it’s nice to hear stories like this. What are your thoughts? Sound off in the comments below!


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Source: Twitter
Source: Twitter
Source: Twitter
Source: Twitter

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