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“Better Leave Before I Smack You,” M’sian Man Confronted For Kicking Resting Cat At Bus Stop



Source: Malaysia Animal Association

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It’s completely understandable to not like animals, the least animal lovers could ask of people who don’t like animals is to just leave them alone.

After all, there’s no reason to bother them if they’re not bothering you, right?

The Malaysia Animal Association took to their Facebook page to showcase an elderly man kicking a poor, innocent cat as it was resting and minding its own business.

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Posted by Persatuan Haiwan Malaysia – Malaysia Animal Association on Jumaat, 4 September 2020

They wrote, “This man kicking a cat while it was resting at a bus stop is proof that there are a lot of stray cats that are being maltreated and harmed and a lot of these cases go unexposed to the public. According to the language spoken in the video, this action has to have happened in the northern states of the peninsular.”

After the man kicked the cat, a woman at the bus stop can be heard confronting the man.

“Don’t you have brains? You better leave before I smack you,” she can be heard saying.

The Malaysia Animal Association is now looking for information regarding this man and this incident.

“The Malaysia Animal Association begs the public to provide complete information such as a date, time and place of the incident when channelling information. Information that is incomplete may lead to misunderstandings and we’re forced to publish the video so that people can step forward to identify this animal terrorist,” they wrote.

Anyone with accurate information about this man can contact the Malaysia Animal Association on WhatsApp at +6011-2090 1097.

Thank you, aunty, for standing up for the cat! 


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