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Beware: Elderly Couple Seen in Klang Valley Scamming People By Saying Their Motorbike Broke Down



Beware: Elderly Couple Seen In KL & Selangor Is Scamming Drivers By Saying Their Motorbike Broke Down! - WORLD OF BUZZ
Source: Facebook & Facebook

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While most of us can agree that doing good deeds helps brighten a pretty dark world (cuz of haze *ahem*), sometimes not all good deeds done with the best intentions may be to the benefit of a genuine cause. After all, there are people who are quick to exploit any signs of generosity for a quick buck, and they do so without shame.

In a story posted to a Facebook group recently, an elderly couple were revealed to be scammers who were taking advantage of anybody who was generous and gullible enough to fall for their scheme. What???

Source: Facebook

Apparently the netizen who uploaded the story said that as they were leaving from the shopping center, they saw the elderly couple standing by the road shoulder, with the old woman sporting a bandaged leg and the old man in a motorbike helmet. He said:

“I noticed that they looked as though they had gotten involved in an accident, and the old lady had a bandaged leg. So I decided to stop my car and see if they could use any help.”

As it turns out, the elderly man explains that someone had run their car into his motorbike by accident, and that he now owes over RM100. He also mentioned that he was not local, and had traveled all the way from Penang.

“I asked where did they want to go because I can pick their motor up and fetch them home. But they said there was no need. He said he wants to call a lorry to pick up his motor for RM150 and kept insisted to get the money from me.”

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Source: Facebook

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Source: Facebook

“I said I don’t have money so he asked if I had RM20.”

The uncle was relentless and kept on insisting for cash. The netizen added:

“I started to find them suspicious after I had repeatedly offered to help move their motorbike to their intended destination, but the old man kept asking me for RM150, saying he needed it to pay for a lorry to move it.

“Isn’t that weird? I offered to drive it back, so why does he still need a lorry?”

As the netizen soon discovers, the duo actually runs a scam around the area where they will go up to people asking for money to either repair or move their broken-down motorbike. A passerby who met the netizen told him that he had given them RM100 only a week ago to repair their motorbike, and now they’re back at the same spot asking for more money! 

“Hearing about it got me pretty upset and I immediately wanted to take thier picture. They still had the audacity to get angry at me and wanted to hit me!”

The netizen left the scene after the passerby told him not to be bothered with the elderly couple.

However, that’s not the end to the story as apparently, the same couple had been seen near Serdang Hospital and Sungai Besi.

Source: Facebook

Source: Facebook

They have also been sighted around The Mines shopping center, and even Kuchai Lama running the exact same scam!

Source: Facebook

Source: Facebook

So let this be a reminder for all of you reading this that you should always be alert and on the lookout for possible scams like these! You never know if your help is truly going to someone in need, or just someone who seeks to exploit your kindness.

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