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Beware: Korean CEO of International Company Scams RM42,000 From Malaysian



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When we think about cheaters, we’d imagine someone dodgy; perhaps dressed in a huge sweater, with a hoody pulled over the person’s head. However, do remember, that there are many whom are dressed in clean, fancy, corporate clothes as well. And one Malaysian shares his encounter with us.

Think CEOs of an established company would not scam you? Well think again!

A Malaysian, named Chris reached out to us to explain his plight after being cheated of a whopping RM42,000 from the CEO of UTH702 inc.

He shares,

“Jeongho Yang, the CEO of UTH702 inc. approached us to market a game in Malaysia. He wanted to engage Malaysian influencers to promote the game and it was quite a straightforward deal.

“After both of us signed our agreement, we ran everything for him. We liaised with influencers, gave them the instructions for their creative angle, and made sure everything was smooth sailing. You guys should know all this planning and following up to make sure the project is done right isn’t an easy thing, especially when we’re talking to 15 influencers at once.

After everything was done, of course, naturally the fee has to be paid. However, Jeongho Yang whose company is actually based in Makati, Philipines started ignoring the email.

“When we asked him to pay up, he started to ignore our efforts of reaching out to him. He did not respond to any of our emails and calls, and eventually we had to sought local lawyers in the Philippines to help us.

“He even tried to dodge these lawyers by hiding in his room and having his admin inform the lawyers he is not in the UTH702 inc. office multiple times. That’s such a cowardly thing to do!

“What’s so ridiculous is UTH702 Inc. is described as ‘a global service operating over 8 years experience in global services that offers a wide range of products and services.’.

“Unfortunately, he knew we could not do anything to him because we are in Malaysia and he’s in Makati, Philippines.”

Chris had a lot of back and forth with Jeongho Yang who refused to pay. Jeongho Yang even threatened that he will go bankrupt if Chris still insisted that he forked out the payment.

“We are already suffering a RM42,000 loss because of this man. What’s worse, we tried to negotiate it to RM20,000 so we can recover our losses as we already paid the influencers for their services. Still, Jeongho Yang did not want to do so and started ignoring our messages again.

“We are now sitting at a dead end because suing him will only incur more damage than recouping the loss and it isn’t worth it.

“This is why I want to warn everyone out there about Jeongho Yang, UTH702 inc. and also, to think twice before accepting international jobs. Just because they seem legit, doesn’t mean they are ethical.

“They can still be scammers or cheaters! Our lesson here is to always seek for an upfront payment before running any services to international companies like him.

“I plead everyone to share this content and learn from my mistake. Also, shame him for what he’s done. He should know that us Malaysians are not to be played with.”

RM42,000 is no small amount! For anyone who is owning small businesses out there, be careful when working with international companies!

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