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Beware: M’sian Thief Disguises Self as Electric Bill Contractor to Steal from Victims’ Houses



Beware: M'sian Thief Disguises Self as Electric Bill Contractor to Steal from Victims' Houses - WORLD OF BUZZ
Source: Bernama & World Branding Awards

While many of us are being very careful of thieves breaking into our houses, some thieves have cunning tricks to slip through our security. This 30-year-old man had stolen valuables and cash from the victims’ houses by impersonating a Tenaga Nasional Berhad (TNB) contractor, reported Bernama.

He first introduced himself as a TNB contractor to the victims, then he asked for the victims’ permission to enter their premises so that he could “inspect” the electricity metre.

Beware: Thief Disguised Himself as TNB Contractor to Steal Valuables from Victims' House - WORLD OF BUZZ 1

Source: Bernama

“The suspect will ask to switch off the electricity metre and ask all workers or owners at the premises to leave to avoid getting injured during the ‘inspection’ process. The suspect will search the premises and steal valuables and cash,” said ACP Ahmad Dzaffir Mohd Yusoff.

If anyone has any information about the suspect, they are urged by the police to contact the Kajang District Police Headquarters at 03-89114222.

On top of that, TNB has warned the public to be careful of thieves or robbers who pose as TNB workers or contractors, said The Star.

“TNB staff or contractors are obliged to wear a uniform (red T-shirt, blue jacket with logo and name) while carrying out their tasks,” public relations and internal affairs general manager Datuk Omar Sidek said in a statement.

“Inspections can only be conducted on the electricity meter. They are not allowed to make any inspection on electrical wiring inside the premises because that is beyond TNB’s jurisdiction,” he added.

They must also possess and show their authority card to the premises’ owner. The authority card must contain details including a photograph, identity card number and employee number.

We hope the police are able to apprehend the culprit as soon as possible. Above all else, we should stay vigilant and be aware of strangers. Stranger danger!


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