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Beware: Plastic Toys Found In Thailand Could Possibly Put Your Child’s Health At Risk!



Beware: Plastic Toys Found In Thailand Could Place Your Child's Endocrine System At Risk - WORLD OF BUZZ 2
Source: & China Press

With the year-end holidays quickly approaching, most parents have already started  Christmas shopping for their kids. However, you might want to re-consider including plastic PVC toys in that list if you find yourself in Thailand during the festive season.

According to China Press, the Thailand Consumer Rights Protection Agency recently conducted a test in which authorities randomly selected 51 kinds of children’s toys and PVC plastic products from major shopping malls of local cities.

As toddlers and small children tend to be exposed to these kinds of materials a lot, it’s important to ensure that they don’t pose a threat to the well-being of our little ones!

The test was primarily carried out to assess the safety of toys that are typically coated with an outer layer of plastic.

However, the results showed that the plastic coating on the outer layer of 18 toy samples exceeded the standard amount of phthalate content!

Phthalates are an industrial chemical used in PVC plastic that can cause heavy damage to the reproductive system, liver, kidneys and lungs. Overexposure to phthalates can cause lower fertility and increased risk of exposure to some cancers.

While this is widely found in cosmetics, children’s toys and food packaging, it is well known that if the phthalate content exceeds the standard amount, it poses a health hazard to humans.

Beware: Plastic Toys Found In Thailand Could Place Your Child's Endocrine System At Risk - WORLD OF BUZZ

Source: China Press

Studies have shown that a strong amount of phthalates can produce adverse developmental, reproductive and neurological effects in both humans and animals because it interferes with the endocrine system. According to, increased exposure could also lead to hormone malfunctions, reproductive toxicity and genital abnormalities in babies, especially boys.

Aside from plastic toys, parents are also advised to be wary of plastic wraps covering food in microwave heating, plastic containers for food and interior furnishings or household objects that are made of plastic.

Be careful, guys! Prevention is always better than cure.


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